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Find the vertex of the following quardratic equations and plot the graph:
a. y=x28x
b. y=2x2+3
c. y=x26x+4

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a. y=x28x, a=1, b=8, c=0
Vertex, x=b2a=(82×1)=4
At x=4, y=428×4=16,
At x=0, y=0
At x=8, y=0
b. y=2x2+3, a=2, b=0, c=3
Vertex, x=b2a=0, at x=0, y=3
At x=1, y=1 and at x=1, y=1
c. y=x26x+4, a=1, b=6, c=4
Vertex: x=b2a=(62×1)=3
At x=3, y=5,
at x=0, y=4, at x=6, y=4

Updated on:21/07/2023

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