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If (a+b+c+d):(a+bcd)=(ab+cd):(abc+d), then prove that a:b=c:d. Solution in Bengali

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or, a+b+c+da+bcd=ab+cdabc+d
or, a+b+c+d+a+bcda+b+c+dab+c+d=ab+cd+abc+dab+cda+b+cd
[ by componendo and dividendo process]
or, 2(a+b)2(c+d)=2(ab)2(cd) or , a+bc+d=abcd
or, a+bab=c+dcd [by alternative process]
or, a+b+aba+ba+b=c+d+cdc+dc+d [by componendo and dividendo process]
or, 2a2b=2c2d or, ab=cd

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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