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The 11th term of an A.P. is 16 and the 21st term is 29 . Find the 16th term of this A.P.

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The correct Answer is:The 16th term of the A.P. is 22.5

Let a be the first term and d the common difference of the A.P.
Here,t11=16 and t21=29.
tn=a+(n1)d ….(Formula)
a+10=d …(1)
Similarly, t21=a+(211)d
a+20d=29 ....(2)
Adding equations (1) and (2), 2a+30d=45
a+15d=22.5 .. (Dividing both the sides by 2)
=33.5 ...[From (3)]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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