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Why ac is used in place of dc in measuring the conductance of electrolytes ?

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dc results in the electrolysis of the electrolyte.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The equivalent conductance of strong electrolyte:

    AIncreases on dilution slightly
    BDecreases on dilution
    CDoes not change with dilution
    DDepends upon density of electrolytes itself
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    A conductivity cell is used to measure the conductance of electrolyte . It makes use of conductivity of water which does not contain any ions. The cell constant of conductivity cell is determined.
    If the cell constant is 0.40cm1, the conductivity of 0.051MNaCl solution having R=1850ohm is equal to

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    The conductivity of a strong electrolyte:

    Aincreseas on dilution slightly
    Bdecreases on dilution
    Cdoes not change with dilution
    Ddepends upon density of electrolyte itself