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Which of the following will react fastest (i.e., profuce most of the Product in a given time) and which will react at the highest rate?
(a) 1mol of A and 1mol of B in a 1L vessel.
(b) 2mol of A and 2mol of B in a 2L vessel.
( c) 0.2mol of A and 0.2mol of B in a 0.1L vessel.

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Fastest (b): Since there and more reactants present, there will be more Products profuces per unit time.
Highest rate ( c): The vessel with greatest concentration will experience the greatest change in concentration per unit time. The greatest change in concentration per unit time is in ( c).
In (a), [A]=[B]=1mol1L=1M
In (b), [A]=[B]=2mo2L=1M
In ( c), [A]=[B]=0.2mol0.1L=2M

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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