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A current of 3.7 A is passed for 6hrs. Between Ni electrodes in 0.5 L of 2 M solution of Ni(NO3)2. What will be the molarity of solutionn at the end of electrolysis?

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The correct Answer is:1.172M

Given , I=3.7A
96500C of electricity deposits Ni=1Eq
79920C of electricity will deposit Ni=1×7929096500
Number of moles of Ni=EqofNiVancy=0.8282=0.414mol
[lnNi(NO3)2, valency of Ni=2]
Volume (V)=0.5l
Molarity (M)=2M
Number of moles =1.0mol
Thus, nickel left in0.5L of solution
= Number of moles of Ni in original solution Number of moles of Ni deposited
Thus, molarity (M)=0.5860.5=1.172M

Updated on:21/07/2023

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