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Prove by mathematical induction that nr=0rnCr=n.2n1,nN.

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Let P(n):nr=0rnCr=n.2n1
Step I For n=1,
LHS of Eq. (i) =1r=0r.1Cr=0+1.1C1=1 and RHS of Eq. (i) =1.211=20=1
Therefore , P(1) is true .
Step II Assume that P(k) is true , then P(k) : kr=0r.kCr=k.2k1
Step III For n=k+1
=P(k)+P(k)+2k [by assumption step]
Therefore , P(k+1) is true. Hence , by the principle of mathematical induction P(n) is true for all nN.