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Which one of the islets of Langerhans- cells and their secretion is correcyly metheched. ?


oxyntic cells- a seceration with pH between 2.0and3.0


alpha cells of islets of Langerhans- secretion that decreases blood sugar level


Kuffer cells- digestive enzym that hydrolyses nucleic acids


sebaceous glands -a secretion that evaporates for colling

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The correct Answer is:d

Oxyntic (or parietal) cell is present in the wall of the stomach that produces HCI which forms the part of gastric juice. Oxynteicl cell also produce intrinsci factor which is involved in the absoprption of vitamin B12 in the small intestine. The pH of gastric acid is 2-3 the stomach of the lumen. the acidity being maintained by the proton pum a H+/K ATP ase.
Alpha cell of is lets of langerhans sccete glucagon harmon whcih raises blood glucose level by stimulating liver to convert glycogen to glucose and by stimulating the convervation of fatty acids and amion acids to glucose Kupffer cells are and particular matter. Kupffer cells, named after Karl Wilhem von Kupffer, are found in the bloodstreams and itn the liver. attached to the walls of the sinusoids.
sebaceous gland is a simple or branched glands in the skin that secrete an oily susbtance sebum which is faty midly antispetic material that protects, lubricates, and waterproofs the skin and hair & help prevent dessication.

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