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In more recent times Gandhiji, perhaps, is one who assiduously brushed aside adulation to remain a free 'nobody' . At the Congress session when he , the star of the session, stunned everybody by cleaning up the latrines, his act was calculated to purge Congress workers of their false sense of status, and so to return the movement to its downto-earth roots. The point of guarding against becoming a self-defeating somebody applies to the upbringing of children as well . Doting parents often stunt the natural growth of their children through excessive adulation. Common place acts and utterances of the child are praised and quoted beyond reason. Talent that otherwise might have flowered under proper training, is lauded to the extent of killing it.
John Stuart Mill 's education and training began very early. At an age when many kids can barely lisp a few words, he had learnt enough Greek and Latin to read the classics in the original. Before he was five he had read more than what many scholars normally read in their career. Did this make the child John feel heady ? No! Because, he tells us, his father (who was also his tutor) always made him believe that there was nothing extraordinary about his achievement : that he was doing only what anybody is capable of doing. Mill was made to believe that other boys of his age had, in fact, grossly underestimated their capabilities and were wasting their early years striving for too little.
The sequence of somebody-nobody holds true, in a way , in respect of institutions and nations as well. C Northcote Parkinson, enunciating one of his famous laws, has tried to read this pattern in the case of great empires worldwide. He connects the raising of imposing palaces to the beginning of the empire's decline.
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Express your views on development of children to lead them towards success.

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Children should be brought-up in such a manner that their all-round personality gets developed. They should be taught about ups and downs, defeats and victories in life and the ways to face them all.
They should be taught to read and write well and learn things from good people to lead a successful life.

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