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Describe T.S. of the spinal cord.

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(1) Spinal cord has three meninges, Dura mater, arachnoid mater and pia mater.
(2) It has two fissures, dorsal or posterior fissure and deeper ventral or anterior fissure.
(3)Dorsal septum extends from dorsal fissure.
(4) In the center of spinal cord, neurocoel or central canalis present.
(5) Cerebrospinal fluid id present which prevents spinal cord from injury.
(6) Inner grey matter are present.
(7) Grey matter is in the shape of 'H' with two dorsolateral horns and two dorsolateral horns and two ventrolateral horns.
(8) Dorsal honrs form dorsal roots and ventral honrs from ventral roots.
(9) Ascending and descending nerve fibres arise from dorsal and ventral roots.