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How can you prove that water is transported through the xylem ?

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Aim : To show root pressure in the plants. Apparatus : Potted plant glass tube clamp rubber tube tub. Procedure :1. A potted plant is watered regularly. 2. A cut is made on the stem of the potted plants 1 cm above the ground level. 3. A glass tube is connected by means of a strong rubber tube. The size of glass tube should be equal to the size of the stem. 4. Stem is tightly bound with tube so that water cannot escape from the tube. 5. Water is poured in the glass tube until water level is seen above the rubber tube. The level of water is marked M1 in the tube. 6. Whole experiment is kept undisturbed for 2 to 3 hours. 7. Water level in the tube is observed and marked M2. Observations : Water level increases from M1 to M2 . Inference : Pressure in the xylem vessels made the movement of water from root hair to xylem vessels through the root cells. Pressure forces the water upward. This total pressure is known as root pressure.

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How can you prove that the water transport through the xylem?


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