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Complete Solutions to Formative Worksheet of chapter ELECTRICITY of Class 6 book with complete answers and questions

BEIITIANSFormative Worksheet
Number Of Questions27
Academic Year2023-24
  1. If a current of 10 mA passed through your cell phone battery charger wire for 10 minute, what quantity of electric charge is transferred through the wire to the battery?

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  2. How much current does your laptop consume if 100 C of charge is transferred through the charger wire in 4 second?

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  3. How much time is required for 10 Coulombs of charge to flow past a point if the current is 2 amperes?

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  4. Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electricity?

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  5. The handle of every electrical repairing tool is covered by a certain material to prevent the user from getting an electrical shock.
    Which of the following materials cannot be used to cover the handle of an electrical repairing tool?

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  6. Mason constructs the circuit shown in the figure. He leaves a gap in the circuit to test the conductivity of various materials.

    On inserting which of the following materials in the gap will the bulb not light up?

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  7. Which of the following objects is an insulator?

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  8. Martin is constructing an electrical circuit. He notices that all electrical metal wires are covered with plastic. Electrical metal wires are covered because plastics are good

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  9. Tommy sets up an electrical circuit as shown in the figure. He connects points P and Q with different materials.

    The bulb will light up when points P and Q are connected by a plate made of

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  10. Brad sets up an electrical circuit as shown in the figure. He connects points P and Q of the circuit with four different rods made of four different materials - glass, wood, copper, and asbestos.

    The bulb in the circuit will not light up when points P and Q are connected with

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  11. Ronald wants to make electrical wires with a wire drawing machine. He considers using steel, copper, aluminium, and plastic as raw material.
    The mterial that Ronald cannot use to make electrical wires is

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  12. Margaret notices that there are ceramic pulley-like structures attached to the overhead electrical lines near her house. Electrical wires pass over the pulleys as shown in the given figure.
    These pulleys are used as electrical

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  13. Which of the following materials cannot be used as an electrical insulator?

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  14. John is repairing the electrical line of his house. As a percautionary measure, he stands no a wooden plank. John uses the wooden plank because wood is

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  15. The given figure shows a simple circuit consisting of a bulb and a switch.

    On closing the switch, the bulb will

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  16. The given figure shown four wires, a switch, a bulb, and a battery.

    The bulb will glow when the given components are connected as

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  17. the given figure shown a simple circuit involving a battery, a switch, and a bulb.

    If the terminals of the battery are reversed, then the bulb will

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  18. A simple electrical circuit containing two bulbs and a battery is shown in the given figure.

    If bulb 1 fuses on closing the switch, then the bulb 1 will

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  19. The symbol for a fuse is

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  20. The symbol for a ammeter is

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  21. In a parallel circuit of bulbs

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  23. When negative terminal of a cell is connected to the positive terminal of the next cell are said to be in

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  24. When electric cells are connected in series the electromotive force

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  25. Choose the correct option

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  26. If a voltage V is applied across the bulbs in series, then

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  27. Greater potential difference (or emf) is obtained in the circuit when cells are connected in

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Formative Worksheet questions and complete solutions for chapter ELECTRICITY of BEIITIANS of Class 6