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Complete Solutions to Exercise (7) COMPREHENSION BASED OBJECTIVE PROBLEMS of chapter ELECTROCHEMISTRY of Class 12 book with complete answers and questions

Number Of Questions3
Academic Year2023-24
  1. Redox reactions play a pivotyal role in chemistry and biology. The values of standard redox potential `(E^(@))` of two half-cell reactions decide which way the reaciton is expected to proced. A simple exampler is a Daniel cell in which zinc goes into solution and copper gerts deposited. Given below are a set of half-cell reactions (acidic medium) along with their `E^(@)` (`V` with respect to normal hydrofgen electrode) values. Using this data :
    `I_(2) + 2e^(-) rarr 2I^(-)" " E^(@) = 0.54`,
    `CI_(2) + 2e^(-) rarr 2CI^(-) " "E^(@) = 1.36`,
    . `Mn^(3+) + e^(-) rarr Mn^(2+) " "E^(@) = 1.50`,
    `Fe^(3+) + e^(-) rarr Fe^(2+)" " E^(@) = 0.77`,
    `O_(2) + 4H^(+) + 4e^(-) rarr 2H_(2)O " "E^(@) = 1.23`,
    Soldium fusion extract, obtained from aniline, on treatment with iron `(II)` sulphatge and `H_(2)SO_(4)` in presence of air gives a Prussion bule precipitate. The blue colour is due to the formation of :

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  2. The concentration of potassium ions inside a biological cell is at least twenty times higher than the outside. The resulting potential difference across the cell is important in several processes such as transmission of nerve impulses and maintaining the ion balance. A simple mode for such a concentration cell involving a metal `M` is :
    `M_((s))|M_((aq.))^(@) 0.05"molar"||M_((aq.))^(@) 1"molar"|M_((s))`
    For the above electrolytic cell the magnitude of the cell potential `|E_(cell) | = 70mV`
    If the `0.05` molar solution of `M^(+)` is replaced by `0.0025` molar `M^(+)` solution, then the magnitude of the cell potential would be :

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  3. The electrochemical cell shown below is a concentration cell
    `M//M^(2+)` (saturated solution of a sparingly soluble salt, `MX_(2))||M^(2+)(0.001 mol dm^(-3))|M`
    The emf of the cell depends on the difference in concentrations of `Mn^(2+)` ions at the two electrodes. The emf of the cell at `298 K` is `0.059 V`.
    The solublity product `(K_(SP) , "mol"^(3)"dm"^(-9))` of `MX_(2)` at `298 K` based on the information available for the given concentration cell is :
    (take `2.303 xx R xx 298//F = 0.059V`)

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Exercise (7) COMPREHENSION BASED OBJECTIVE PROBLEMS questions and complete solutions for chapter ELECTROCHEMISTRY of P BAHADUR CHEMISTRY (HINGLISH) of Class 12