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Complete Solutions to Level 1 (Q.63 To Q.92) of chapter CHEMICAL KINETIC & NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY of Class 12 book with complete answers and questions

NARENDRA AWASTHILevel 1 (Q.63 To Q.92)
Number Of Questions2
Academic Year2023-24
  1. A first order reaction is 50% completed in 20 minutes at `27^(@)` C and in 5 minutes at `47^(@)` . The energy of activation of the reaction is :

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  2. A catalyst lowers the activation energy for a certain reaction from 83.314 to 75 KJ `"mol"^(-1)` at 500 K . What will be the rate of reaction as compared to uncatalyst reaction ? Assume other things being equal

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Level 1 (Q.63 To Q.92) questions and complete solutions for chapter CHEMICAL KINETIC & NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY of NARENDER AVASTHI CHEMISTRY (HINGLISH) of Class 12