JEE Main 2021 Session 3: July 22, Shift 2 Analysis & Student Reaction

Published On : 22 July 2021

JEE Main Analysis 2021: The 2nd day of nation-wide JEE Main 2021 Session 3 has been concluded now. Team Doubtnut brings to you a detailed JEE Main analysis 2021for the afternoon shift exam. As per the student’s feedback, the Physics section was moderate to easy in the level of difficulty level, Chemistry was easy and NCERT-centric, whereas, Maths section was the toughest and lengthy. Given below is the complete exam analysis of JEE Main 2021 July 22, 2021- Afternoon shift.

Question Paper Analysis: JEE Main 2021 – July 22, Afternoon shift

The JEE Main 2021 exam for Shift 02 was held from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Our team grabbed the opportunity to talk to various candidates appearing for the exam. The student’s enthusiasm outside the JEE exam centres was magnanimous. 

Based on the preliminary feedback of the aspirant, the level of difficulty in the slot 02 question paper was moderate to difficult. Also, the students reported no technical error while attempting the online exam.  Here is the subject-wise JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis July 22, Afternoon Shift: 


Overall section-wise analysis


Difficult and lengthy


Moderate to easy


Easy, NCERT based


Equal distribution of class 11 and 12 syllabus

Chemistry Section Analysis – Shift 2

For the Afternoon shift of Day 02, Chemistry remained the easiest and NCERT centric. Also, there were 2-3 theoretical questions; however, most of the questions were from the NCERT.

Candidates who might have prepared the NCERT Chemistry of Class 11 and 12 properly might have found it easy to score in the paper. Equal weightage was given to Class 11 and 12 syllabuses. Most questions were asked from chapters like thermodynamics, chemical bonds, physical chemistry, and atomic radius.

Some Example Questions from  Maths: -

Some Example Questions from Physics: -

Some Example Questions from Chemistry: -

Maths Section Analysis – Shift 2

The Maths section was difficult and lengthy as reported by most of the candidates. The numerical questions were made to test the theoretical as well as the conceptual learning of the students. Questions were asked from topics like sequences & series, matrices, functions, probability, permutation and combination, coordinate geometry, integration, trigonometry. Most questions were tricky and conceptual.

Physics Section Analysis – Shift 2

Most candidates reported the Physics section as moderate to easy. Most of the questions in physics were from topics like current electricity, electrostatics, semiconductor, modern physics, magnetic field, projectile motions, wave optics, and rotational motion.

The question paper pattern was quite similar to JEE Main previous session. Only a few questions were difficult.

Important books for JEE Mains:

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Students Reaction and review: JEE Main 2021 – July 22, Shift 02

Anjali Verma said the difficulty level of the paper was moderate to tough. The physics and chemistry sections were a bit difficult. There were no errors in the online paper.  The exam went smoothly.

As per Vedika (Saint Louis public school, Delhi), the paper was tough. She said the Physics section was easy but time-consuming. There were no technical errors. I am now waiting for the JEE Main 2021 result.

Kuldeep Sharma said the exam was moderate although, the Chemistry section was easier and doable. Most questions were NCERT based. Physics and Maths were of average difficulty level.

Mohit Thakur said I think the exam was not tough compared to previous JEE main sessions. The chemistry section was easiest for me. Maths easy and Physics sections were although time-consuming, but they were attemptable. Overall the exam was of moderate difficulty level.”

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By Aarti Chauhan

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