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Published On : 15 September 2021

Humans can put sentences together ever since their first cry. However, to be able to understand how sentences are built, regarding the usage of words and word groups that make up sentences— is knowing grammar.

In our everyday lives, grammar is omnipresent and the knowledge of grammar opens whole new vistas of learning a specific language. People generally associate grammar with errors; however, the understanding of English grammar helps us make sentences and paragraphs clearer, pleasant and precise.

If you wish to enhance your English grammar knowledge, then you are at the right place. Doubtnut has launched the English grammar course online for learners who wish to polish their English language skills.

This course has been custom-tailored for those who wish to gain expertise in grammar usage and understands the learning Grammar can be a great tool to achieve success in life, in general. You can utilize the grammar skills whenever you need to fuel your understanding of English grammar rules for upcoming exams, dissertations, review papers, projects or homework assignments. It will help strengthen your foundation in English. Enrol now to learn, enjoy and discover the rules of English grammar with the Doubtnut English grammar course online.

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Key Highlights of the English Grammar Course –

1.      A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of English grammar

2.      Gain perfection and confidence in writing English

3.      To polish your English

4.      Get your language-related queries resolved with experts in English

Doubtnut English Grammar Course: What will you Learn?

Delineated is the list of topics that will be covered in this course –

  1. The Sentence
  2. Parts Of Speech - Noun
  3. Parts Of Speech - Pronoun
  4. Parts Of Speech - Verb
  5. Parts Of Speech - Adverb
  6. Parts Of Speech - Adjective
  7. Parts Of Speech - Preposition
  8. Parts Of Speech - Conjunction
  9. Parts Of Speech - Interjection
  10. Articles
  11. Tenses
  12. Clauses And Phrases
  13. Active And Passive Voice
  14. Narration/Direct And Indirect Speech
  15. The Infinitive
  16. The Participle
  17. The Gerund
  18. Irregular Verbs
  19. Auxiliaries And Modals
  20. Prepositional Phrases
  21. Determiners
  22. Syntax
  23. Synthesis

How to Enroll?

A Doubtnut English grammar course will help you master grammar skills. To begin, enrol in the course directly by signing up online. You can select the course and pay the requisite fees online.

English Grammar Course – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How can I learn English grammar faster?

Answer: The fastest way to learn English grammar is to constantly read and write as much as possible. You can enrol with Doubtnut English grammar course to get help in improving your English online.

Question: How is the Doubtnut English grammar course is different from others?

Answer: With Doubtnut English grammar course students can interact with language experts anytime they face any doubt. The course offers specially designed study material which covers the complete grammar rules and helps in improving your vocabulary. Other online courses offer mere online video tutorials, however, with Doubtnut you can reach out to experts personally to get instant help.  

Question: How do I get started with the Doubtnut English grammar course?

Answer: Students can enrol with the Doubtnut English grammar course online. Simply visit the website or App and select the course and pay the fees to join instantly.  

Question: What are topics covered in the English Grammar course online?

Answer: The English Grammar course online covers the basic level grammar syllabus. It includes topics like sentence formation, noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, active and passive voice, interjection, articles, tenses, determiners, syntax and synthesis etc.  

Question: What is the fee of the Doubtnut English Grammar course?

Answer: The full crash course for the English grammar is available at INR 250 per month with Doubtnut. Enrol now. 

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By Aarti Chauhan

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