CBSE Teachers Award 2021: 22 Teachers Received Awards

Published On : 23 September 2021

CBSE Teachers Award 2021: Minister of State for Education, Annapurna Devi awarded 22 teachers and principals of CBSE affiliated schools for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership.

Referring to the awardees, the minister said, “On this occasion, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to those inspiring teachers who have shown enthusiasm in teaching and learning, have provided excellence in work and innovation. The teachers took their personal efforts in the difficult situations arising out of the Covid-19 situation and the challenges are handled well so that the pandemic does not hinder their student's learning.”

“Today is the day to celebrate excellence in teaching, unmitigated zeal, and commitment of our teachers because of which the nation is achieving new heights each day. The latest testimony is how well the teachers have handled the difficult situations and challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation with their dedicated personal efforts to let the pandemic not hamper the learning of their students and adapting to innovative ways of teaching, learning new strategies to engage children and revamping the teaching-learning approach altogether. That’s the reason why the teachers have also been taken into the category of Corona Warriors along with others like doctors, nurses.

With the National Education Policy 2020, I would like to see teachers shift away from their traditional teaching methodologies to new innovative ways of teaching wherein the inherent creativity and interest of students are nurtured and developed to excellence. This will benefit not only the students in becoming professionals in the area of their interest or talent but would also help the nation to have a pool of expert professionals in all diverse fields” said the Minister of State.

CBSE National Award for Teachers: CBSE Released the Statement via Twitter

The “CBSE Honour for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership” under the aegis of Ministry of Education was instituted in the year 2000 to bestow public recognition to the outstanding teachers and school principals. The award includes merit certificate, a shawl and a cash prize of INR 50, 000.

Only a working teacher with a minimum ten years of regular teaching experience and working principals with ten years of regular teaching experience and five years as a principal were eligible to apply.

CBSE took it to twitter to congratulate the award recipients, the Tweet reads, “Hon'ble Minister of State for education Smt. Annapurna Devi @Annapurna4BJP, would be felicitating 22 Teachers and Principals of CBSE affiliated schools.”

CBSE also displayed the profiles of teachers who received the award on Twitter. The CBSE tweeted, “CBSE congratulates recipients of awards for Excellence in Teaching & School Leadership 2020 21.”

CBSE Teacher Awards 2021: List of Award Recipients

  1. Reena Rajpal (Delhi)
  2. Smarranika Pattnaik (Bhubaneshwar)
  3. Sharmila Raheja (Ghaziabad)
  4. Sukhpreeet Kaur (Amritsar)
  5. Sunita Singh (Meerut)
  6. Sushmita Kanungo (Prayagraj).

Honour for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership

  1. Sitakanth Pati (Bhubaneswar)
  2. Vikram Singh Yaduvanshi (Muscat)
  3. Divya Bhatia (Delhi)
  4. Madhavi Goswami (Ghaziabad)
  5. Monica Chawla (Chandigarh)

CBSE Honour for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership

  1. Dr. Shiksha (Delhi)
  2. Dr. Suchita Raut (Bhopal)
  3. Dr Mumindra Kumar Majumdar (Guwahati)
  4. Mr. Praveen Kumar Mishra (Anand)
  5. Ms. Chandni Agarwal (Delhi)

CBSE Honour for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership

  1. Harpreet Kaur (Amritsar)
  2. Mamta Amarpuri (Delhi)
  3. Monika Sachdeva (Delhi)
  4. Monika Sidhwani (Delhi)
  5. Padma Srinivasan (Delhi)
  6. Ritika Anand (Delhi)

CBSE Honour for Excellence in Teaching and School Leadership

Speaking on this occasion, Manoj Ahuja, Chairman CBSE said “It is the dedication, self-discipline, ideals, perspective, and conduct of the teachers that bring quality in the education sector. CBSE is proud of its teacher community along with the entire nation. The Board firmly believes that excellence is not the prerogative of a few. Every learner has talent and inherent potential. Every child is unique. That's why we move forward with thoughtfulness, care, enterprise, and an inspirational mindset. In this way, every aspect of the teaching-learning process will automatically become enjoyable. In view of the current Covid-19 situation in the country, let us share our best practices and also learn best practices from across the world and adopt them in the right context as per our requirement and environment.”

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By Aarti Chauhan

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