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Technothlon 2019 - Answer Key, Results, Video SolutionsTechnothlon 2019 Presented by Doubtnut

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Results, Answers Key, Video & PDF Solutions

Technothlon 2019 results will be announced on 25th July. To get the answers key of Technothlon 2019, students need to register their phone number with us. Also, Doubtnut will upload PDF & video solutions of all the questions of Technothlon 2019 soon after the result announcements. Get all the notifications on your Watsapp number by registering with us.

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Doubtnut to be the Title Sponsor of Technothlon to be held on July 14th organized by IIT-G Campus

First organized in 2004 by Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati, Technothlon is an enthralling international school championship of mental aptitude, dexterity and logical skills. Identifying the critical need for sincere technical exposure and true inventiveness amidst the present day academics followed in the schools, Technothlon today has become a riveting event which facilitates a germane platform to expose students to scientific innovation and sheer creativity. With the aim of “Inspiring Young Minds,” it helps in promoting rational thinking amongst the students over tenacious academic cramming. With all its simplicity and sophistication it is now held in more than 500 centers of India and various centers abroad. The winners of Technothlon 2019 from each squad will receive a guided tour of NASA and the runners up will receive a guided tour of ISRO.


Doubtnut is the first time title sponsor of Technothlon 2019. Being India’s top e-learning platform, we’re committed to promote intellectual learning, logical thinking, overall dexterity; a vision that is shared by means of Technothlon 2019. Doubtnut would be endorsing various Technothlon championship competitions at all the levels. This will be the 16th edition of Technothlon. The two-stage competition will take place on July 14, 2019, at various centers located in India and abroad. Team Doubtnut appeals students to participate in Technothlon 2019 and also wishes “Good Luck” to all the participants

Technothlon - Two-Stage Championship

Technothlon is a team-based contest. Students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 can participate in Technothlon. There are two squads in the championship; Junior squad and Hauts squad . Junior squad includes the students of classes 9 and 10. The Hauts squad includes the students of classes 11 and 12. There are two rounds involved in the contest, first is a preliminary written examination and second is Mains event-based competition.

The Prelims Round:

It takes place in all over India in the month of July. As announced by IIT-G, it is to be held on July 14th in all the partaking schools. Prelims round has no definite syllabus. It is an overall written exam that solely tests students based on their logical and analytical thinking abilities. The exam is of 2 hours and 30 minutes of length. The question paper will have different sections including maths, brainteasers, code crunchers and much more. The marking scheme will be unique for every section. The team members can discuss the question paper as both the students are given a common Question paper and answer sheet. The questions are aimed to accurately test the intellect and problem solving capabilities of the contestants.

The Mains Round:

Conducted by the IIT-G itself mains round is based on a competition. The top 50 qualifying teams from both junior and hauts squad are invited for the final round – Mains which is held in “Techniche” the Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati. It is held during the 1st week of September. The qualifying teams compete against each other in several events. There is no specific syllabus criterion for mains events. Besides, any additional expertise required is trained to the students by the IIT fraternity itself at the campus. Every year novice events are designed to keep the fun factor going on. In the previous years, the Mains championship at IIT-G has seen events like Air Crash Investigation, A Little Bid, Braking Bad, Fluxo de Energia etc. The winners are selected based on their performance in these events.

Technothlon 2019 Exam Date

Delineated below are the 2019’s Technothlon Exam Dates:

Technothlon Prelims: July 14, 2019 Technothlon Mains: First week of September

Technothlon Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for team formation are that a team would include two participants of same Technotholon squad and both the participants should be from the same institution. The members from each squad (Hauts and Junior Squad) are required to be from the same class or different class. For instance: a team comprising of one member from class 11 and other from class 12 is absolutely acceptable for Hauts squad.

Technothlon 2019 Syllabus

The paper of Technothlon is entirely different from any other competitive exam. You can expect a paper solely on logic, analytical ability, and practical observations. It has no links to the academic syllabus. The question paper is to be attempted mutually by a team of two participants. The prelim examination has a pure role of individual spontaneity and analytical thinking capability and thus require no initial preparation. Since the second round – Mains – will be held in IIT-G itself, there will be a series of rounds each more challenging than the other, to win the final grand prize - a guided tour to NASA.


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You must participate in Technothlon 2019: Here is why?

Technothlon – is the ultimate test of logic. It is a contest designed to test the logical thinking, creativity, and imagination of the participants. Listed below are some of its benefits –

1. The contest boosts the intellectual development of the students.

2. It provides learning opportunity from the IIT fraternity.

3. It involves the development of proper teamwork amongst the participants.

4. Students will explore the fun involved in the learning experience in the Technothlon events.

5. Participants can attend the workshops and fun events to spend the night.

6. Best chance to attend the Lecture Series of prominent personalities.

7. Enjoy the Pronite performances.

GRAND PRIZE: A Guided Tour to NASA.

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