RD Sharma Class 8 and Chapter Squares And Square Roots Maths Solutions

Maths Class 8 and Chapter Squares And Square Roots RD Sharma Solutions

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Is 225 a perfect square ? if so, find the number whose square is 225.

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Show that 63504 is perfect square. Also, find the number whose square is 63504.

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Show that 17640 is not a perfect square.

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Find the smallest number by which 180 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect square.

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Find the smallest number by which 25200 should be divided so that the result is a perfect square.

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The Central Board of Education is a high-level acclaimed education board. The syllabus of the board recommends NCERT books to its students since class 8th. NCERT had a very simplified pattern of theory and examples in its books.


This pattern is good for the students to understand the concept for their school exams, but to ace the exams and strengthen their concepts further students require more than just the NCERT books.

To ace their exams and the relatively higher competitive exams, students need to have a better command on Math. Math is a part of almost all competitive exams and therefore holds quite importance.


Students struggle in such situations to completely master the subject just with the help of NCERT books. This is when they look to reference books for help, to understand the concept in more detail and get more exercises to solve. The best reference book for Math is RD SHARMA, which not only helps students strengthen their concepts and understand them but also provides a whole lot of exercises and examples. The students can master the subject only by practicing regularly.


The only part where it lacks is providing a detailed stepwise solution to those problems. Doubtnut helps the students in that case, where subject experts put their knowledge together and prepare a solution guide which is 100% accurate and is comprehended to help the students understand the topic better.


The third chapter in the book is Square and Square Roots. The book does perfect justice by explaining each concept clearly and providing with illustrative examples and exercises for practice.


Square and Square Roots Class 8th Solutions


The third chapter of Square and square roots is a very basic and important topic for future use in math. It explains the students the basic method of finding squares and their square roots respectively.

A square of any number can be calculated by multiplying that number to itself.

The square root of the other hand is quit inverse of what we do to find a square of any number. Symbolic representation of square roots is (√). For example, √16 = 4, because 4×4 = 16.

The chapter lists all the methods, algorithms to find out square roots of numbers.


In recent times with the changes in education system a new concept of providing solutions and guides to students with the help of online experts has emerged. The solutions provided by these online experts help the students to get a better understanding of each chapter and topic. The solutions and guides that are provided for books like RD Sharma ensure that the students get a better chance to practice questions and exercises.


The solutions help the student understand how a problem is solved in a stepwise manner so as they do not get confused during the exams. The answers to exercises in the solution guide are in the same order as the exercises in the book itself.


With this guide and Solutions provided to the students they perform better in the exams with much more knowledge of the topics and the chapter.


Topics and Subtopics of Rd Sharma Class 8th Chapter 3


The book RD Sharma has a very elaborate layout for each chapter.  Every chapter no matter how small or lengthy is distributed effectively into various topics and subtopics for maintaining clear guideline for the students.


The writers and experts meticulously create the book and ensure that the material provided in the book is easily understood by students of the concerned class. Every topic is explained in detail both theoretically and with the help of illustrative examples. All of this explanation and theory is then followed by exercise with questions for the students to practice.


Since the writers divide every topic into smaller subtopics, it gets easier for the student who understands the basics and concept of the entire chapter. The solutions provided to the students follow the pattern as it is according to the book, just for the students.


The following topics and sub-topics are covered by the book RD Sharma:



The concept follows the lead of Powers. Any number that has the power of 2, is called a square or a perfect square and is written as 22, 32, etc. The power of 2 or a square means the number is multiplied by itself, once. The chapter entails the whole concept of squares for one, two and three digit numbers (or even more) and also to find Square roots of both perfect and non-perfect squares.


Square Of A Number And Square Numbers

Square of a number is the number raise to the power 2. For any number n it can be written and understood as, n2 = n×n. Square numbers or perfect square is a natural number which is the square of a natural number.


Properties and Patterns of Some Square Numbers

This section explains the various properties and patterns that are used to determine whether or not the given square is a perfect square. These properties and patterns are simple tricks to verify the square number, without the tedious work of finding its Square roots. The book gives a detailed explanation with illustrative examples to clear the concept for the students.


Some Shortcuts to Find Squares

The concept of finding squares by simple multiplication is easy to use in small numbers. But to find the square of a bigger number, simple multiplication gets complicated and a tedious method. In that case the book provides students with some shortcuts to find squares. These methods are • column method • visual method • diagonal method etc.


Square Roots

The concept of square roots is rather very easy and qualitatively explained in RD Sharma. Square root is the number which is multiplied by it to give the square.


Properties of Square Roots

Like any other concept in Math, the properties of square roots help understand the topic in depth. The book details these properties and their use in a very student friendly language with examples.


Various Algorithm and Methods for Deriving Square Roots

This topic is divided into major subtopics in the book. RD Sharma covers all the methods and algorithms in an illustrative manner and shows the students how to solve the problems instead of elongated theory. The major methods covered in the book are • Square root of a perfect square by prime factorization • Relation between the digits of a perfect square and its square roots • Square roots of perfect square by the method of Long division • Square roots of rational numbers in the form of fractions • Square root of rational numbers in decimal form. These concepts are detailed and provided with examples to help students understand their implication in exercises and questions.


Importance of Rd Sharma Class 8 Math


The book is a major help to students of every class and also the students who prepare for higher competitive exam. RD Sharma is stated to be one of the best reference books formats available to the students. Not only it provides the students with help in the studies but also ensures a confidence boost by the amount of practice.  


  • In depth explanations to topics: RD Sharma follows the pattern of in depth knowledge and explanation for each chapter which is divided into various topics and subtopics. With this pattern students get to understand every concept in a very effective and easy manner.


  • Number of practice questions & exercises: RD Sharma does not just focus on the theory of a concept but also provides the students with many examples for understanding the basics and how question is to be solved. Each topic or concept is followed by a number of illustrative examples which is then followed by the exercise on the same topic for the students to practice and master the concept. This is done to ensure that the student get to practice a lot, because math is not a subject of memorizing theory.


  • Prepared by a team of experts:  RD Sharma is regularly edited to keep it up to date according to the patterns of exams and the needs of students. This is overseen by a group of experts who entered the questions are accurately prepared and in accordance to recent changes in exam patterns so as the students are aware of it all.


  • Aided with online solutions: Students can easily find online solutions and guides to the book which helps them to solve the questions and any difficulties they encounter while practicing. This makes RD Sharma a great book for practicing as students have a backup to look up to in case they get stuck on some question.


Math is a subject of great weight age in every competitive exam and therefore needs to be practiced to boost the confidence and score of the students. RD Sharma aids the students in this aim and therefore is recommended to them as a reference book.

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