RD Sharma Class 8 and Chapter Rational Numbers Maths Solutions

Maths Class 8 and Chapter Rational Numbers RD Sharma Solutions

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CBSE has long used the NCERT books in their syllabus. However, NCERT books alone cannot be useful to prepare the young students for the detailed and high level of questions that appear in the exams in the following years.

For anyone who wants to fight IITJEE and other competitive exams in high school, it is necessary to start their preparation from the middle school itself. A student who wishes to be an Engineer in the future needs to have a great command on his Math, along with Physics and Chemistry from class 8th.

Many students of class 8th struggle to find the right guidance and the right book to practice Math. Because after all Math is a subject that solely depends on practicing. The more questions and the problem you practice, the more you master the subject of Math.

One of the very best and authentic books for Math, for all classes, is RD Sharma. The book offers the students a basic knowledge of each topic with a number of questions and problems to practice. The book, however, does not provide a detailed solution for all the answers. This issue is solved by the solutions available on online sites and tutorials.

Students can find many solutions on various sites for the chapters in RD SHARMA for class 8th.

At Doubtnut we ensure that the students are able to understand the steps and methods in the given solutions. These solutions are designed to help the students understand the concept and basics in a better way.

The solutions are supposed to help the students in understanding the problems and questions in a better way and learn the method used for solving. It also ensures that the students are aware of what steps need to be taken in certain patterns of questions.

This way they get to revise and test their knowledge of the subject and rectify their mistakes. By practicing and getting a guide to the questions the students definitely stand a better chance at scoring.

The solutions to each chapter are arranged in ascending order with respect to the book. The solutions are 100% accurate and comprehensive for students need, prepared by experts.

The very first chapter of class 8th math is Rational Numbers. These solutions for the chapter are stepwise representing the method and formulas used to solve the problems. Each step is explained in a very simple language to ensure that the student understands the basics used to apply that step in the solutions. Not only these solutions are a great help to get better results in exams but they also come to help for completing homework and understanding it better.


Rational numbers are the first and most basic topic of the class 8th NCERT or RD Sharma, whatever book you consider. It also happens to be a very important part of the basic understanding of math as many concepts are based on the information and knowledge of this chapter. A rational number is any number that can be written in the form of p/q with q≠0; p and q are both integers.

The solutions and guides provided by online experts give a better and detailed explanation of the topic. The solved examples and a guide to major books like RD Sharma help the students to practice the question and exercises in a better way.

The solutions to the chapter help students understand the topic of Rational numbers and how to solve the problems related to them. The solution guide contains answers to each exercise in the same order as that of the book.

The students are benefited by these solutions as it helps them become better at the topic of Rational Numbers. RD Sharma gives them questions and problems that prepare them for the exams.


RD Sharma does a great job of explaining the chapter of Rational Numbers. The chapter is very amazingly distributed into various topics and sub-topics to maintain clarity and ease doe the students.

The book has separate exercises and questions for each topic. The author, one of the best mathematicians of his times, Mr. RD Sharma made sure that the approach to the topic and everything included is easily understandable by the students. He broke the topic of Rational Numbers into several topics and sub-topics, giving an exercise after each detailed explanation for the same.

With each topic split into a further smaller sub-topic, it gets easy for the students to cover the chapter step by step. They can easily learn the basics and then go to the next, more complicated topic.

The solutions to these exercises keep that in mind and follow the pattern as same as the book. The solutions to chapter 1 of class 8th RD Sharma follows the pattern of the exercise and does not use any formula or concept that does not introduce till that exercise.

The various topics and sub-topics covered in the book -RD Sharma class 8th Math, in Chapter 1 are:

  • RECAPITULATION: The topic of recapitulation covers the basics of rational numbers. Its sub-topics include - • the Lowest form of Rational Numbers and • Equality form of a Rational Number.

  • ADDITION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: RD Sharma gives an in-depth explanation for the addition of Rational Numbers. Taking a stepwise guide to the topic it explains the two methods or categories for the addition of Rational Numbers - • Rational Numbers with the same denominators and • Rational Numbers with distinct denominators.

  • PROPERTIES OF ADDITION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The addition of Rational Numbers is similar to that of any fraction or integers. The section details the properties for the addition of Rational Numbers, which are very much similar to that of the addition of integers. The book lists the following properties of addition - • Closure Property • Commutativity • Associativity • Existence of additive identity (zero) • Existence of Negative (additive inverse) of a rational number.

  • SUBTRACTION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The subtraction of Rational numbers p/q from s/t is basically the addition of the additive inverse of p/q to s/t.

  • PROPERTIES OF SUBTRACTION: The properties of subtraction are precisely distributed into • Closure Property • Commutativity (the subtraction of Rational numbers is not always Commutative) • Associativity (subtraction of rational numbers is never associative) • Existence of Right identity (zero)

  • SIMPLIFICATION OF EXPRESSIONS INVOLVING ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The simplification of Rational Numbers is explained via two methods in the book. One of the methods is grouping the rational numbers with the same denominators.

While the other is an algorithm, that requires to find the LCM. After that find a quotient for each pair of Rational numbers and multiply it with the numerator of the same. The next step is to solve the equation as for integers, and then arrange a rational number with numerator obtained from the operation of integers and denominator is the LCM. Finally, reduce it to the lowest form possible.

  • MULTIPLICATION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The multiplication of Rational Numbers is similar to that of fractions, i.e. the product of two rational numbers is - the product of their numerators/ the product of their denominators.

  • PROPERTIES OF MULTIPLICATION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The multiplication of Rational Numbers follow the properties as same as that of multiplication of integers. The multiplication of Rational Numbers follows the • Closure Property and also the properties of • Commutativity •Associativity • Existence of Multiplication Identity (i.e 1) • Multiplication by 0 (the answer to any rational number multiply by 0 is 0)

  • DIVISION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The division of any Rational Number p by another Rational Number q is written as p ÷ q, which is solved as p × 1/q. The equation consists of the same parts as that of any normal division equation, i.e the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient.

  • PROPERTIES OF DIVISION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS: The book of RD Sharma has three major properties explained for Division of Rational Numbers. •Property 1 – if p/q and s/t are two different rational numbers then tell result of their division is also a rational number. • Property 2 – for a rational number p/q, p/q ÷ 1 = p/q and p/q ÷ (-1) = - p/q. • Property 3 – for any Rational Number p/q; p/q ÷ p/q = 1, p/q ÷ (-p/q) = -1, (-p/q) ÷ p/q = -1.


RD Sharma for Math of Class 8th is one of the best books for practicing mathematics, available in the market. The book is a helping aid and a gift for the students of class 8th who want to ensure a solid grasp on mathematics for their exams. RD Sharma is an important part of the preparation for Math for Class 8th students:

  • In-depth explanation: The book RD Sharma for class 8th mathematics, gives an explanation and knowledge of each topic. The chapters are divided into various topics and sub-topics, so as to make sure that the students understand each part very effectively and with ease.

  • Practice questions & exercises: The book provides the students with a number of examples to clear their basics. And thereafter the book has numerous problems and questions in exercises for students to practice. As it is a fact that mathematics cannot be mastered by memorizing formulas; math has to be practiced religiously daily.

  • Prepared by experts: The questions that are added to the new editions are accurately prepared by experts. They are prepared to keep in mind the recent changes and patterns of exams; also keeping in mind the impact and importance of a certain topic.

  • Aided with online solutions: The book RD Sharma is aided with solutions designed by experts keeping in mind the latest syllabus and curriculum. The solutions to the exercises in the book are comprehended keeping the intellect of the students in mind.

The students should thoroughly prepare from RD Sharma for Math, as Math is one of the major scoring subjects. It will help them score better and boost their confidence for future competitions and exams.

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