RD Sharma Class 8 and Chapter Factorisation Maths Solutions

Maths Class 8 and Chapter Factorisation RD Sharma Solutions

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Write down all possible factors of `3x^2ydot`

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Write down all possible factors of `12 x^2dot`

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Find the greatest common factors of the monomials `21 a^3b^7\ a n d\ \ 35 a^5b^5`

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Find the greatest common factors of the monomials `14 x^2y^3,\ 21 x^2y^2,\ 35 x^4y^5zdot`

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Find the greatest common factors of the monomials `6x^3a^2b^2c ,\ 8x^2\ a b^3\ c^3`

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CBSE is one of the most renowned education boards in the country. CBSE uses NCERT books to teach the students according to its syllabus. NCERT has a very superficial and basic explanation to topics and concepts, which does not prove beneficial in long run.

This pattern is good for the students to understand the concept for their school exams, but to ace the exams and strengthen their concepts further students require more than just the NCERT books.

To ace their exams and the relatively higher competitive exams, students need to have a better command on Math. Math is a part of almost all competitive exams and therefore holds quite importance.

The first rule to master the subject of Math is practice and a lot of practice. For this very purpose students look towards reference books. The best reference book for Math in all classes is RD SHARMA, and students who wish to understand the very basics start solving the book from Middle school.

The book provides a detailed theory and many examples before giving the students questions and problems to practice. This way the students understand the topic before solving the exercises. It is also aligned in accordance to the NCERT book, making it easy for the students to keep a track simultaneously.

Doubtnut has one of the best solution guides prepared for the sole purpose of helping students understand the questions and methods better.

The experts at Doubtnut have crafted the guide to ensure the students get help in solving the exercises and their homework.

The book uses simple language and stepwise descriptions to help the students with understanding the concepts of each topic. The seventh chapter is Factorization, a rather important topic from examination point of view.

With the help of the books, the student can very well get better at the subject and the various topics and chapters. Each chapter is very well explained, and the questions ensure the students are pushed to their best.

Factorization Class 8th Solutions

The book RD SHARMA, takes the chapter Factorization in accordance to that or NCERT. Each exercise and topic is aligned with the syllabus for CBSE and the contents of NCERT Math book. Practicing the exercises with the help of the solution guides helps students understand the basics of this mathematical concept in a better way and gives them an advantage in the exams.

Factorization is basically the disintegration of a mathematical term into smaller terms, which when multiplied to them will result in the original term.

Students are given a lot of questions and examples to understand the whole concept and sub-topics of Factorization better. They can solve and practice these questions to make sure they get the method for solving, which will be beneficial in the exams.

Topics and Subtopics of RD Sharma Class 8th Chapter 7

RD Sharma explains the chapter factorization in a very elaborate and effective manner. Various topics and subtopics explain separately to maintain order and clarity for the students.

Every topic that is explained is followed by an exercise based on it. RD Sharma, who was regarded as one of the best mathematician create a pattern of dividing concepts in two different topics and sub topics so that the students could understand it easily. After every theoretical detailed explanation he gave the students exercises to practice the knowledge they had received.

This approach is good for the students as they learn every concept step by step starting from the basics and then moving on to a more complicated one.

The solutions that are provided by online sites keep this pattern in my mind and follow the index arrangement of the book.

The book very elaborately explains the following topics:


The introduction reviews the previous year knowledge about Algebra, dealing with integer coefficients and the addition subtraction of the expressions. It also gives a base outline of what is to be expected further in the chapter and how the students will be taught to factorize algebra expressions and deal with its further properties.


The book very efficiently details the topic and explains the concept of factors. Giving some very basic examples RD Sharma details to the students what factors are and what is Factorization.

Factors of a Monomial

Explicitly tells about the factors of monomial algebraic expressions with examples.

Common Factors And Greatest Common Factors

This section details on common factors of one or more monomials and how to find the Greatest common factor or the Highest common factor.

Factorization of Various Monomials, Binomials, And Polynomials

Further throughout the chapter, the book details on Factorization of various algebraic expressions under various rules and conditions. The book provides a lot of examples to help the students understand the concept better of each sub-topic. The exercise follows the examples and theory, so that the students solve the questions after getting an in depth understanding of the method and pattern of the topic.

Importance of RD Sharma Class 8 Math

RD Sharma is regarded as one of the best reference books for mathematics class 8. The book is the best eighth for students of class eighth who want to improve other concepts at math and great a better hold of the subject. RD Sharma is an important book for the preparation of math.

  • In depth explanation: Each topic is very elaborately explained to the students in RD Sharma. For this very purpose each topic in a chapter is further divided into sub topics, as required to make the students understand every part.

  • Practice questions & exercises: The book guides the students with the number of examples and helps them clear their basics. The examples help the students learn the method and steps to use the formulas and to solve the questions. They are then given exercises to solve in order to practice what they had learnt so far.

  • Prepared by experts: RD Sharma is prepared by experts that create questions and exercises in accordance to the syllabus. These teams of experts are aware of recent changes in syllabus and curriculums; therefore they keep in mind all of that while preparing the theory and exercises for the students.

  • Aided with online solutions: various online apps and sites specifically designed for educational purpose, now provide solution guides for reference books like RD Sharma. Due to this students are benefited and RD Sharma becomes a great choice to practice for the exams.  

Students are suggested to thoroughly prepare every concept and topic from RD Sharma how to score well in their exams which will boost their confidence.

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