RD Sharma Class 8 and Chapter Algebraic Expressions And Identities Maths Solutions

Maths Class 8 and Chapter Algebraic Expressions And Identities RD Sharma Solutions

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We know that the perimeter `P` of a square of side s is given by `b y\ P=4\ xx\ sdot` find the constant and variable part

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The perimeter p of a rectangle of sides `l\ a n d\ b` is given by `P=2\ (l+b)dot\ ` evaluate the variable and constant part

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` 2x^2-3xy+5y^2` is an algebric expression. find the terms of the expression

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The expression `2x^3-3x^2+4x-7\ ` is an algebraic expression.find the terms of the expression

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`−5, 3y,7xy,2/3x^2 yz, 5/3a^2bc^3` etc. are all monomials.

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NCERT books have been included in the curriculum by CBSE for a very long time. However, NCERT books lack on providing the students with a lot of depth and details of the concepts, something that helps the student get a better hold on the subject.

NCERT books alone are not enough for scoring well in the tricky and high level questions of the exams.

The first rule to master the subject of Math is practice and a lot of practice. For this reason students look towards reference books to study. The best reference book for Math in all classes is RD Sharma, and students who wish to understand the very basics start solving the book from Middle school.

The book provides a detailed theory and many examples before giving the students questions and problems to practice. This way the students understand the topic before solving the exercises. It is also aligned in accordance to the NCERT book, making it easy for the students to keep a track simultaneously.

Doubtnut helps the students with the solutions to these exercises, which is not provided in the book itself. The subject experts at Doubtnut prepare the solutions in such a way that it helps the students understand the basics of the topic very well. The solutions elaborately explain each problem stepwise and in a simple language.

This way the students can cross check their method and learn the structure to solution to each question.

The book also meticulously explains each concept and the students can practice each exercise, referring the solution guide provided by Doubtnut.

The solution and exercises represent the methods and formulas to solve the problems. Students are benefited with the guide and exercises, presented in a simple language and help them understand the basics and details of each topic.

Algebra Expressions and Identities Class 8th Solutions

The trick to master Math is to love numbers. Once you start liking numbers and solving the numerical problems, you become better each day.

Algebra is that basic part of Math which makes up to the end of the school and college syllabus. The algebraic expressions are a combination of various integer constants, variables, and operate around basic calculations of algebra - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. While solving these basic operations the students also learn the identities applied on the algebraic expressions and remember basic algebraic formulas.

The solutions that are provided by the online tutorial sites give a far better and more detailed theory of every topic. With illustrative examples they have a guide to reference books like RD Sharma which helps the students to practice their problems and exercises.

These solutions provided to the students help them understand the topics in the chapter and how to solve the questions given in the exercises. The guide to the chapter has assembled the answers in the same order as the questions in the book.

The students get a benefit of the solutions as they provide them with better method and examples to understand the concept. These things help the students prepared for the exams in the far better way.

Topics and Subtopics of RD Sharma Class 8th Chapter 6

RD Sharma has an amazing description and explanation for each chapter that is given in the book. The chapters are effectively divided into precise topics and subtopics that help students learn each and every step.

Each topic is given a separate exercise and variety of questions in the book. RD Sharma is regarded as one of the best mathematician's till date, and this approach by him of dividing the chapters into subdivisions helps the students by making the topics easy to understand. After a detailed theoretical section each part is followed by an exercise on the same.

As each chapter is split in various divisions the students learn the concepts in an effective step by step method. The students can go from the basics to more complicated topics and learn at their own pace.

The solution guides available to the book follow the pattern followed by the book itself. None of the formulas or concepts that have yet not been introduced is used in an exercise before that.

The book very elaborately explains the following topics:


The introduction reviews the previous year knowledge about Algebra, dealing with integer coefficients and the addition subtraction of the expressions. It also gives a base outline of what is to be expected further in the chapter.

Review of Concepts and Definitions

This section gives the students a review of the concepts work definitions and illustrative examples. The concepts discussed in this section are • Constants • variables • monomials • binomials • trinomials, etc.

Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions

This section explains the rules and concepts of signs used while multiplying two algebraic expressions. The product of two like signs is positive; the product of two unlike signs is negative. The details are further followed by examples to help students understand the problem solving methods better.

Multiplication of a Monomial and a Binomial

This section explains the method of multiplying a monomial and a binomial. It details the usefulness of distributive property of multiplication over addition, how it works on the multiplication of a monomial and a binomial.

Multiplication of Two Binomials

The book details on multiplication of two binomials, and how the distributive property of multiplication over addition is used to simplify the process. It is then followed by a series of illustrative examples and an exercise for practice, for the students.


RD Sharma defines identities as an equality which is true for all values of the variable. The book explains the students about the standard identities as well as the special product with illustrative examples and theory both.

Activities for Verifying the Identity

This section has no exercise but is useful for theoretical and practical knowledge of students. The book describes certain activities to verify the identity and its implication.

Importance of RD Sharma Class 8 Math

The book RD Sharma, a great math reference book, is one of the best for practicing mathematics and its various topics. The book helps students to get a better understanding and clear idea of the concepts for exam purpose as well as to gain knowledge. It is recommended that students prepare from RD Sharma to score better.

  • In depth explanation: RD Sharma for class 8 mathematics gives a detailed explanation for every topic that is mentioned in its chapters. Every chapter of the book is divided in many topics and subtopics, which helps the students in understanding every little concept with ease.

  • Practice questions & exercises: A great part about the book is that it provides many illustrative examples to the students for clearing their basics. These examples are followed by the exercises created for the students to practice. The book ensures that the students practice math as it is the only way to score good in the subject.

  • Prepared by experts: The questions and problems given in the exercises are prepared by a team of experts. All the exercises and the questions in it all prepared keeping in mind the recent changes in exam patterns and the impact of the topics.

  • Aided with online solutions: RD Sharma is now supported with various solution guides available to the students online. These guides all prepared by subject experts, who ensure that the solutions are comprehended intone with the students capability to understand.  

Which such great advantages the book becomes a must have for the students to score well and boost their confidence for the exams.

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