RD Sharma Class 10 and Chapter Triangles Maths Solutions

Maths Class 10 and Chapter Triangles RD Sharma Solutions

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`A B C` is a right triangle right-angled at `Ca n dA C=sqrt(3)B C` . Prove that `/_A B C=60^0dot`

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If `A` be the area of a right triangle and `b` one of the sides containing the right angle, prove that the length of the altitude on the hypotenuse is `(2A B)/(sqrt(b^4+4A^2))`

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In an equilateral triangle `A B C` if `A D_|_B C ,` then `A D^2` = (a)`C D^2` (b) `2C D^2` (c) `3C D^2` (d) `4C D^2`

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Prove that the line segments joining the mid-points of the sides of a triangle from four triangles, each of which is similar to the original triangle.

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If a perpendicular is drawn from the vertex containing the right angle of a right triangle to the hypotenuse then prove that the triangle on each side of the perpendicular are similar to each other and to the original triangle. Also, prove that the square of the perpendicular is equal to the product of the lengths of the two parts of the hypotenuse.

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In this chapter, we will get some good understanding of Triangles. We will study different topics like similarity of Triangles, similar figures, areas of Triangle and criteria for similarity of Triangles. Doubtnut has provided solutions to exercises on the particular topic that proves to be of much use to the students in getting their queries solved. It also helps to attain the perfect understanding as to how it is possible to come up with the ideal solutions that also never take much time to solve it in the best manner.  So, it really helps a lot to achieve success in the exams.

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Topics and subtopics of RD Sharma class 10 Chapter 4, Triangles


We have learned about triangles and also its properties. Here we will have some look at the exercises along with its solutions. So, let’s have a look at some of the important exercises:

Q.1)  Answer the following using the correct word

(1.) All circles are ____________ (congruent, similar)

(2.) All squares are ___________ (similar, congruent)

(3.) All ____________ triangles are similar (isosceles, equilaterals)

(4.) Two polygons of the same number of sides are similar, if (a) ____________their corresponding angles are and (b) ____________ their corresponding sides are (equal, proportional)

(5.) Two triangles are similar, if their corresponding sides are ____________ (proportional, equal)

Q.2)  Write the truth value (T/F) of each of the following statements:

(1.) Any two similar figures are congruent.

(2.) Any two congruent figures are similar.

(3.) Two polygons are similar if their sides are proportional.

(4.) Two polygons are similar if their corresponding sides are proportional.

(5.) Two triangles are similar if their corresponding angles are proportional.

(6.) Two triangles are similar if their corresponding sides are proportional.



(1)  Similar

(2)  Similar

(3)  Equilateral

(4) a) Equal, b) Proportional.

(5)  Proportional


(1)   False

(2)  True

(3)  False

(4)  False

(5)  True

(6)  True

Similar Figures

In order to get the right understanding about it, we will provide you with a solved exercise. This can help to clear your queries.

Exercise: In a Δ ABC, the points on the sides AB and AC are D and E respectively such that DE BC.

(i) If AD = 4 cm, AE = 8 cm, DB = x – 4 cm and EC = 3x – 19, find x.

Solution: Given: AD = 4 cm, AE = 8 cm, DB = x – 4 and EC = 3x – 19

To find x,

Hence, Using Thales Theorem,


Then, 4x–4 = 83x–19

4(3x – 19) = 8(x – 4)

12x – 76 = 8(x – 4)

12x – 8x = – 32 + 76

4x = 44 cm

x = 11 cm

(ii) If AD = x cm, DB = x – 2 cm, AE = x + 2 cm, and EC = x – 1 cm, find the value of x.


It is given that AD = x, DB = x – 2, AE = x + 2 and EC = x – 1

We have to find the value of x

So, AD = AE ( using Thales Theorem)

      BD    CE

Then.  x = x + 2

          x-2   x  - 1

X (x-1) = (x-2)(x+2)

x2-x – x2 +4=0

x = 4

Similarity of Triangles

It is important to note that triangle is also a polygon. Here, we will have a look at an exercise.

Exercise:  ΔACBΔAPQ If BC = 12 cm, PQ = 4 cm, BA = 6.5 cm, and AP = 2.8 cm find CA and AQ.




BC = 12 cm, PQ = 4 cm, BA = 6.5 cm, and AP = 2.8 cm

To find= CA and AQ

We know that,



AQ   AP     PQ

Then, 6.5 = 12

            AQ     4

AQ = 6.5 x 4


AQ = 2.16 cm

In the same way, CA = BC

                              AP    PQ

                                CA= 12

                                 2.8   4

                             CA = 2.8 x 3

                            CA =8.4cm

Therefore, CA = 8.4 cm and AQ = 2.16 cm.

Exercise: Note the diagram ABQR. Can you find the length of PB?

RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 4 Triangles Similarity of Triangles



QR = 9 cm, AB = 3 cm,  and PR = 6 cm

To find= PB

We know that, AB = PB

                           QR   PR

                      = 3 = PB

                          9     6

Therefore PB = 2cm

Criteria for Similarity of Triangles

When the corresponding angles are equal, then the two triangles are similar where the corresponding sides are in the same ratio. Let’s look at an exercise to get some good idea about it.

Exercise: Diagonals AC and BD of a trapezium ABCD with AB || DC intersect each other at the point O. By making use of similarity criterion for two triangles, show that OA = OB

        OC    OD


Given: OC is the point of intersection of AC and BD in the trapezium ABCD with AB DC.

To prove OA = OB

              OC    OD

We know that,

From Δ AOB and Δ COD


OAB = OCD  (alternate angles)


OA = OB   (corresponding sides are proportional)

OC    OD

Pythagoras Theorem

We will now have a look at the use of Pythagoras Theorem. Let’s concentrate on the exercise below:

Exercise: A ladder 17 m long reaches a window 15 m above the ground. Calculate the distance of the foot of the ladder from the building.


  RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 4 Triangles Pythagoras Theorem


From Δ ABC, by Pythagoras theorem,

AB2 + BC2 =AC2

= 152 + BC2= 172

= 225 +BC2 = 172

= BC3 = 289 – 225

= BC2= 64

= BC = 8m

So, the distance of the foot of the ladder from building = 8m

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