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PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS BY TONIGHT I WILL GIVE AS MUCH POINT AS I CAN 2. Debra’s mom is cleaning out the pantry and finds a mixture for 42 cups of iced tea. She doesn’t want to waste the mixture and suggests that Debra donate it to her book club to make more pineapple tea to sell at the next social. (a) How much lemon juice and pineapple juice will the club need to purchase to use up the 42 cups of iced tea? Show your work. (b) It costs $1.18 for a 12 oz container of lemon juice. How many containers does the club need to buy and how much will it cost? Show your work and explain your answer. (c) It cost a total of $20.50 to buy all the lemon juice and the pineapple juice needed. How much did the pineapple juice cost? Show your work.

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