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Class 12






Complex Numbers


z is a complex number satisfyi...

z is a complex number satisfying `z^(4)+z^(3)+2z^(2)+z+1=0`, then `|z|` is equal to

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`1/2``3/4`1none of these

Answer : C
Solution : We have, <br> `z^(4)+z^(3)+2z^(2)+z+1=0` <br> `rArr (z^(4)+z^(3)+z^(2))+(z^(2)+z+1)=0` <br> `rArr z^(2)(z^(2)+z+1)+(z^(2)+z+1)=0` <br> `rArr (z^(2)+z+1)(z^(2)+1)=0` <br> `rArr z=+-I, omega, omega^(2) rArr |z|=1`


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question is that is a complex number 35 that to the power 4 + Z Cube + 200 X square + X + 1 equal to zero then find the value of mods and therefore let solve the question is given + Z Cube + 2 z square + Z + 1 = 20 now we have to factorise this so I can write it has that to the power 4 Z cube is treating this to Z Square in Z square + Z square + Z + 1 equal to zero this term can be weak and separate these like this so from the items I cant is a common for I get z square + Z plus one in this bracket it is already in the similar form that is

+ Z + 1 = 20 so I get its factor z square + 1 and in another packet z square + Z plus one as z square + 1 equal to zero means Z square equal to -1 and we know that we know that the value of a square is -1 so in place of -1 I can write I square it means I can write Z = 2 I now Mod Z Sumo admin under root 1 square it will be one now this is the first part of this question now we have to solve for this second part 2nd part is that z square + Z + 1

20 this is a quadratic equation to solve this equation as it is middle term is not possible here so we will use the formula minus B plus minus under root b square - 4ac upon two way to find its value now firstly we will compare this equation with X square + bx + c = 20 it means the value of a is one value of B is one and also the value of C is one now we will put the value of A B and C in this equation let's put the value and solve it so minus b minus minus one plus minus under root b square means again 1 - 4ac means again only for womens 2 - Z = 2 - 1 plus minus under root minus 3 minus 3 can be written as root 3 I

upon to know if there is a negative value in root it cannot be solved directly we have to take imaginary I so Mod Z value we will found so to find the more that value means minus 1 upon 2 square and again under root 3 upon 2 whole square it will be under root minus 1 upon 2 whole square minus 1 upon 4 + root 3 square is 3 and 2 square is 48 under root 4.4 means under root 1 and it means once again I get value value is 1 so here from first equation I get the value of War Z is one from the second equation I also get the value of modest one now we can say we're here to values Plus and minus here I have taken Plus

now for second where minus value for positive I have solved it now for negative I will solve this when I will put for negative again minus 1 minus under root 3 I as we know when we put the value here it is least squares it will in the conjugate it is a square minus sin against square so we get positive value again so it can be written Mod Z equal to under root minus one upon two whole square it can be written as minus root 3 upon 2 whole square it means against same value 1 upon 4 + 3 upon 4 equal to under root 4 upon 4 equal to under root 1 and equals to 1 so we can say that again I get the value of mods that is one so

from solution it is clear every time when I solve this equation I get the value of Mod Z is 1/2 hour option number 3 with whose answer is one is correct thank you


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