Yasmeen saves Rs. 32 during the first month, Rs. 36 in the second month and Rs. 40 in the third month. If she continues to save in this manner, in how many months will she save Rs. 2000 ?



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Updated On: 28-2-2021

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Given that, <br> Yasmeen, during the first month, saves = Rs. 32 <br> During the second month, saves = Rs. 36 <br> During the third month, saves = Rs. 40 <br> Let Yasmeen saves Rs. 2000 during the n months. <br> Here, we have arithmetic progression 32, 36, 40, ... <br> First term (a) = 32, common difference (d) = 36 -32 = 4 <br> and she saves total money, i.e., `S_(n)` = Rs. 2000 <br> We know that, sum of first n terms of an AP is, <br>` " " S_(n)= (n)/(2)[2a+(n-1)d]` <br> `implies 2000= (n)/(2)[2xx32+(n-1)xx4]` <br> `implies 2000=n(32+2n-2)` <br> `implies 2000=n(30+2n)` <br> ` implies 1000=n(15+n)` <br> `implies 1000=15n+n^(2)` <br> `implies n^(2)+15n-1000=0` <br> `implies n^(2)+40n-25n-1000=0` <br> `implies n(n+40)-25(n+40)=0implies(n+40)(n-25)=0` <br> ` :. " " n=25 " " [:' n ne -40]` <br> Hence, in 25 month will she save Rs. 2000. ` " " ` [since, month cannot be negative]



00:00 - 00:59the given question says that Yasmeen saves rupees 32 during the first month rupees 36 in the second month and rupees 40 in the third month if he continues to save in this manner in how many months will she saves rupees 2000 so if we observe carefully Yasmin is Saving 32 in the first month 36 in the second month 48 in the 40 rupees in the third month and son such that ultimately she the total amount that she saves rupees 2000 question is think now we observe this receiving pattern what we find is that the difference between the second term and the first term is actually 4 and difference between if I call it even if I quality to the difference between third
01:00 - 01:59main the second term that is 40 - 36 is also for that means that it is an ap so this isn't a p we know that we are given the actually the sum of the city and we are required to find out the number of terms which will give us this some so let us assume that the number of terms is and this is what we are supposed to find out the first term is 32 and the common difference is the formula that we are going to uses formula for sum of AP formula for sum of n terms of AP with says that I send that is sum of n terms of AP is equal to N / 22 A Plus and minus One X we are given the sum and we are we are required to find out the number of atoms which give us the required some and the sum is 2000 supporting in the values will get 2002 and divided by 2 and 2A is 32 to
02:00 - 02:59X 32 + n is what was able to edit and -1 X 41 solving it will get and this will go to this 1 divided by 2 will divide 32 X 32 will give us 32 + this 4 / 2 will give us to so will have 32 + 2 and -1 in the bracket on for the solving it will have an 32 + 2 and minus 2 which will give us 30 + 2 n x n is equal to 2022 will get an 15 + and and Heroes of dividing by to because when an equation is divided by something it is divided in both the lhs and RHS so we will have n square + 15 and - 1000 is equal to zero
03:00 - 03:59no this is a quadratic equation and now we're going to factorise quadratic equation now to factorise is to vectorise it we fight we are going to do is nearing to split 15 such that the product will give us the product of the terms will give us the product of these 2013 - 1000 the coefficient of x square - 1000 x coefficient of a square is 500 - 1000 so if the observed if I split it into terms that is 45 40 - 25 will give us 15 and when when when i x minus 25 I will get - 1000 so that means it is satisfied so I am going to split 15 and so I can write the cells and square + 40 n - 25 - 1000 is equal to zero now and will can be taken common so will have my
04:00 - 04:5925 n + 40 is equal to zero which will give us men and plus 40 is taken coment we will have an from here and -25 from here sunao this is equal to zero so this is possible only this product is equal to zero only other and + 40 is equal to zero and minus 25 is equal to 0 9 let's see and + 40 is equal to zero then n is equal to minus 40 can the number of terms in in negative no so that means this is not the answer now n is equal to 25 visa answer that means 25 terms will give us the sum of two thousand this means that the answer to this question is that it will take Yasmin 25 months of savings to it to give a sum of rupees 22 rupees 2012 thank you

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