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y^2+2y-x+5=0 represents a para...

`y^2+2y-x+5=0` represents a parabola. Find its vertex, equation of axis, equation of latus rectum, coordinates of the focus, equation of the directrix, extremities of the latus rectum, and the length of the latus rectum.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : We have `y^(@)+2y-x+5=0` <br> `or" "x=y^(2)+2y+5` (1) <br> `:." "(y+1)^(2)=(x-4)` (2) <br> This is parabola having vertex at A(4,-1) and axis parallel to x-axis having equation y=1=0. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Equation of tengent at vertex is x-4=0. <br> Also, coefficient of `y^(2)` in (1) is positive. <br> So, parabola opens to the right. <br> Comparing (2) with `(y-k)^(2)=4a(x-h)`, we have `4a=1ora=(1)/(4)`. <br> Thus, length of latus rectum is 1 unit. <br> Focus is on the axis at distance a units from the vertex. <br> `:." "Focus,S-=(4+(1)/(4),-1)-=((17)/(4),-1)` <br> Also, equation of directrix is `x=4-(!)/(4)orx=(15)/(4)`. <br> Ends point of latus rectum lies on either side of focus at distance 2a units on the katus rectum line. <br> Thus, end points of latus rectum are `((17)/(4),-1pm(1)/(2))-=((17)/(4),-(1)/(2))and((17)/(4),-(3)/(2))`.


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student question is why a square + 2 Y - x = 25 represents a parabola find its birthday equation of access equation of coordinates of focus equation of directrix extremities of letter M and length of letter to solve this problem I am going to change it parabola like this why you square + 2 by I am going to take one from 5 and will put one is I am going to take this -62 Aarakshan become + 11 from Pipe and given to y square + 2 Y and this is for what will go to Aditya -4 become Y + 1 whole square is equals to x minus 4

is in form of y square is equals to a time x minus 4 OK no c y square equals to Pade this parabola is ok now what I am going to White + 12 the whole square is equals to 1 x of x minus 4 root any parabola Y minus A square is equals to 8 times of ok my name it is what it is port and K is -1 so what is this

Paschim buttocks buttocks is -1 equation of x axis is this line and line is parallel to x axis and the corner of his foot and -1 ok so this line -1 and this point has y-coordinate -12 this equation of x y is equals to minus equation of letter s ok distance not distance

coupon for Let me find out of focus food mind OK Vinod distance b f is equals to 18 is not age record is equality use p then why can't we - 12 b is equals to a p - 4 will be distance near me minus 4 is equal to a and have you can compare both what is close to one witness value of a is equal to 1 upon 4 in 1 upon 4 from here will get b is equals to

17.423734 -1 ok now at this hour later Khatam and yet to find equation of this this point is parallel to y axis ok this line equation X is equal to P any line parallel to y axis is equals to get all the point on this line at a mixed content that is ke all this point on this line all point on this line will be as p

which is 17.4 letters let them will be it good to upon navigate to find equation of that that it's like this site and equation of this line will also be exposed to get from the same concept love you too and it is exponent of all the point on this line from going to find it content of this line exponent of this point is not need to find Y co-ordinate ok to use distance suppose that point it M what we can write that it part B N is equal to how much

because this length SMS this length definition of parabola ok between direct and how to find length 3M x square minus b square minus Q is equals to 1 upon 4 I am going to bring you to identify and 1 upon 4 to anything this is Easy calculation which we can do very easily and Italy 15.4 not much we can do we got the exponent of EMF equation of directrix will be equal to 3 upon

I am going to find text images of letter S and S P on the points on the time will it take for net p and this line is perpendicular to the axis and this is 8.1 and this is appointed to L1 and L2 will have expanded and P is 17.4 this is given 3 upon Nashik this length is a lengthy Pode Pode it to a

to a problem to enter to win and know that is 1.2 so to A is called upon to win I will add 1 upon 2 in minus one will get bike on date of 11 - 1 + 1 by 2 is equal to listen which will be -1 light and you will also have expanded 17.4 if will move this point of unit downward from here to there then you get that is rectum -1 film half unit on what it mean minus 1 minus 1 by 2 and you get minus 3 by 2

this is endpoint of latus rectum and 6 part 7 part last part is length of latus rectum of letters actamase forte and you can see value of food is one this is one thank you students

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