`x^y*y^x=1` . Find `dy/dx`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello voice BF X raise to power bi into virus to power x is equal to 1 and where to find the value of DY by DX now we have given X raise to power Y into virus to power x is equal to B tech log both side we get log x raise to power bi into virus to power x is equal to log 1 and we know that log a into b is equal to log A + log bhi now using this formula we can write this as lock x power y plus lock virus to power x is equal to zero because value of log10 now this can be written as bhai log x + X log by is equal

zero Nabi differentiate this equation with respect to X we get this differentiate this part with chain will be get DY by DX log x + b upon X not differentiate this path with chain rule get log by plus X upon Y log sorry DY by DX is equal to zero if we take DY by DX common this boat on the great DY by DX log x + X upon by is equal to take these two terms this and we get - log Y + 1 by upon X know if we take this

right hand side we get DY by DX is equal to minus log Y + Y upon X upon X + X upon Y so guys this is the answer I hope you guys like it thank you

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