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Class 12






Algebra Of Vectors


Writhe the direction cosines o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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so here we have to determine the direction cosine of this vector ok so as you know that if there is a vector se event it is defined as excited + my J cap + Z cricket in the direction cosine that will be cos alpha is equals to X by Mod of a vector ok so Alpha is the angle made with excess is ok in cos theta is equals to buy / mode of matter Babita is the angle made by axis and Cos Gama is equals to Z / Mod of a vector ok Kama is the angle made with z-axis ok let us consider this vector a vector ok S Alpha

will be equal to X ok that is minus 2 upon mode of a vector isolated calculate the value for mode of a vector sum of a vector is equals to under root of sum of squares of coefficient of I can ji ke fan ke Castle this will be -2 square + Y square + - 5 square so this is equals to underwater -2 square is 41 square is 1 and 25 square sorry minus y square is 25 ok so this will be equal to under root of 225 plus hu status 2019 plus one that is 30 ok so cos alpha will be equal to minus 2 upon Mod of events in this will be 30

cos of metre will be equal to Y supervisor / under root of 32 no cause of Gamma will be Z that is sir that is our minus 5 upon Mod of event that is under ruta 30 ok so these are the direction cosines and this complete solution


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