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Class 8






Cubes And Cube Roots


Write true (T) or false (F) fo...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Kosambi have to tell whether the following the 392 2 into 2 into 2 equal to the power 7 is not friends statement 392 is a perfect cube is actually r840 will factorise the 840

into is not a multiple of 3 statement 840 is not a perfect no no when we find the number 10 number 10 1 minimum

must be a multiple zero multiple of which are multiple of engine not for 460 language let's move to the next part

is this statement true or not the number of -2 will be it is not necessary if not let them be -3 and -2

find cube minus 3 minus y minus minus the statement that is necessary in order does not but if divide if then we can say is equal to now

does that a b is equal to this let's move to the next part is square in in night then EQ good in its number number find square of 7

49 find 7 it will be equal to 743 does it is ending with it but not 7.7 it is not let a number be that the number be fine

it is actually equal to not ending with 25 square in even number of what if it is true or not equal to 10000 send

thank you

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