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Complex Numbers - For Boards


Write the real and imaginary p...

Write the real and imaginary parts of the complex number: ` - (1/5+i)/i `

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends so in this question it is given that write the real and imaginary part of the complex number minus one upon 5 + iota upon the real and imaginary part of this function is not minus one upon 5 + iota upon the general equation will be se Z = 2y + iota be where your real part real and imaginary parts is equal to I oughta be so you are to convert in this form and then you can write the real part and imaginary parts I have to simplify this equation so take - here now you have to take the LCM of 1 plus 5 iota ok and then take a five in the

nominated this can be written like this 5 iota Surya question also where I can write this equation as this also one upon 5 + 5 upon 5 ok so this will be equal to 1 upon 5 Y + 1 -2 you can write this - 1 + 1 upon 5 + 1 upon 5 Dominator so when you multiply

here we know that the value of iota value is equal to root -1 and square is a -1 ok so it will be forming What You - 1 + 1 upon 1 + multiple values -1 I will put - 1 year so here I will give - 5 ok x x minus plus 2.5 is equals to minus for and you can see that real party finance and getting

the imaginary party


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