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Write the next three terms of ...

Write the next three terms of the following sequences: t_1=2, t_n=t_(n-1)-1,ngt=2



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Updated On: 20-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59location is write the next three terms of the following sequence 21 is equal to 2 and 3 is equal to 3 and minus 1 minus 1 is equal to 2 find the next three terms 41 is given to the next three terms will be second third and fourth term is given as t and -1 -1 and is equals to 2 in this regard the second term so this will be T 2 - 1 - 12 - 1 will be once this will be T1 -1 chhutti to will be equals to 1 minus one by one is to this will be to -1 aur from this we get the second term S1 now the third term T3 this can be find out the Patang and is equals to 3 in this so we get 33 - 13 - 1 will be too so this will be teeth
01:00 - 01:59-12 is 101 - 1 from this we get the third term s0 now we have to find the fourth the proposed and will be this can be find out by putting any fitness 24 so this will be tea and that is 4 - 14 - 13 so this will be 83 - 3 = 200 - 4th 23 times of the following sequences 10 and -1 returns of the following sequence with this is the answer of this question thanks for watching

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