Write the maximum and minimum values of sintheta .



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Updated On: 12-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59start the question the question says that write the maximum and minimum values of sin theta so we need to write the maximum and minimum values of a function Sangeeta so here we have drawn the graph of sin theta which looks like this so it starts from 0 was 21 and then again if we see from the graph maximum value of sin theta it occurs at the maximum peak of the graph that is at bye-bye to when we have M pi by 2 we get the value maximum of 12 we can say that sin pi by 2 is equal to 1 metre is equal to pi by 2 so this is the maximum value next will see the minimum value
01:00 - 01:59minimum value of sin theta so from the graphic and see that the least speak occurs at angle 3 pi by 2 minus one day for cancer sign by 2 is equal to minus one can say that sin theta function lies between sin theta -1 and therefore now we can compute maximum value is 1 and minimum value is -
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