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Write the improper fractions given below as mixed fractions. <br> `679/(23)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone the questions are there time time improper fraction given below as mixed fraction again and improper fraction is 679 / 23 Elite 679 upon 23 now in an improper fraction my dasvin narrator is greater than always denominator so we will divide dividend will be 679 and the device will be 23236 79 so this is equal to 2 x 2 question will be to set 23 and 24 4657 46718 6:30 146 - 43221 at the another number right on the head and the last number now 23 year

heavily question 99 will you want to try the 2009 season 27 and carry that is 22927 18 plus September show 89 - 7 letter to 12 question here reminder and equation date 29 so we will write on the 679 upon 23 as mixed fraction to mixed fraction we will write don't write on the questions question does 2929 right and remainder is 12 upon account will be other devices devisarai 2929 night 2012 123 is mixed fraction of 679 123 so this is the answer for this question in queue

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