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Write the following sets in ro...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : {x:x is a two digit number and sum of whose digits is 5}

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question write the following cell and register form and also been builder form so we have to write roster and also set builder form Nadu question for CEO of all two digit number set a set of all 4 digit number whose sum of digits is 5 question first of all I will try to see how we can get the sum of two digits will be equal to 5

we have to get so many how many ways can get 50 + 555 + 051 + 454 + 152 + 353 + 25 these all are total bill by the way we can get the sum of two digits will be equal to 5 will have to care for the fun the one not two digit

805 OK what will be this 5014 to see understand and now I am not think to I am just talking about the number the number will be 50 years the number will be 14 here the number will be 41 near the number will be 23 years the number will be 32 now now come first of all ok

Rustom Rustom Rustom so what we will take in return method will take roster method 50 1441 9332 ok now come to the second set builder

builder builder what will be instructed of form such that X is a two digit number and some of that some of their digit 5

ok thanks


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