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Write down three consecutive i...

Write down three consecutive integers succeeding `-29`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
(i) `-28,-27,-26`


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hello questions write down three consecutive integers accident -29 ok so that means we will find the accident is everything comes after maintenance here the interior given as -29 ok so first that I will succeed in integer the next one is - 28 - 27 and the next one is minor girl portion is asking three consecutive positive integer which was excellent minus 11 29 - 29 ok so here these are the three consecutive integer which are sector -29 and we can say that consecutive integers is there is no gap between two numbers for ke answer the green

16 17 point 8 - 27 - 26 3 diseases which are succeeding -29 the final answer this question thank you

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