Without using tables, give the value of each of the following : <br> `sin120^(@)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone in this question without using table give the value of sin 120 degree sin 120 degree can be written as sin 90 + 3014 Mitti so this is our first quarter this is as well as we know in the first quadrant of the functions in the second is positive in the third and its reciprocal is positive and a fourth one

can we find 90 + theta + 32 fine we are some where we can see that we are in second quadrant and in second quadrant value is positive for time time crossing this 90 degree angle without using table table can easily find value not supposed to use table for that finding cos30 we have to consider it is considering a

triangle having side as we know for any quadrilateral triangle angle 60 and 62 side as we will be perpendicular to the free property to the median line and perpendicular to the key Point by point can we find out the solute TD using so we can say that this is a square

+ b square will be caused if I will be equal to write 476 ki find the value of a square b square is 3.4 if it can't be negative peak of studies distance Industries company

root 3 upon this Triangle what is Triangle PDA what you this quality this quality and so we have all the types of this work release this work into the this property of triangle to this angle 30 degree

value 3230 as we know but be upon this triangle as we are considering this year 32 this will be the front and side will be and adjacent side will be and it will be attached to these how much a phone to find the value of P simply so sorry about you

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