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Without expanding evaluate the...

Without expanding evaluate the determinant |[(a^x+a^(-x))^2,(a^x-a^(-x))^2, 1],[(a^y+a^(-y))^2,(a^y-a^(-y))^2, 1],[(a^z+a^(-z))^2,(a^z-a^(-z))^2, 1]|, where a>0 and x , y , z in R



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59this question we need to evaluate a determinant where is zero and x y z number and this will give X + 8 - x square minus x minus 8 to the power minus x square similarly had we have seen this will be now since we know that = a + b into a minus b so Shimla from here we can say that this
01:00 - 01:59this is our be so this will be close to this part will be equal to the power x + 8 the power minus x + D that is it into the power x + 8 the power minus x minus x and minus b minus x so in this case it will get cancelled and in this case this will get cancelled out so this part will be equals to 2 into a to the power x into 2 into 10 power minus x to the power minus 6 will become one so I will be left with 4 in place of this whole part we can write this ad is equal to four similarly we have this is equals to 4 and there are also this is equal to four after putting the value of 4 you will get this app is equals to 4
02:00 - 02:594 and here we have a triple x minus 8 to the power minus x square Y - 8 the power minus y square and it deposit -8 the power minus b whole square 111 now from here on the first column we can take four common so this will be = 24 into Now since we have column 1 and column 3 sem and whenever both column overthrow become same the value of the determinant becomes zero so this will be cost 24 in 2013 is zero which is our required answer

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