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Class 12






Model Test Paper-6


Without expanding at any state...

Without expanding at any state, prove that `|((1)/(a),a,bc),((1)/(b),b,ca),((1)/(c ),c,ab)|=0`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the person without expanding at any stage we have to prove that this value is equal to zero without finding the properties so the determinant is given as we have this is determinant of 1.3 then we see see and we will apply an operation that multiply

and divide by multiplying and multi line dividing reminding so you multiply and divide impulse 2 ab upon this is one upon upon the points A B C now take ktet

x first column show column 1 equals to a so this is equals to 2 101 no one will take this thing inside the this no 102 may be multiplied with rose 2828 sorry into rope 2 and root 3 X with a multiply

multiply take this for second row and the sea in multiply with the third right now outside the determinate this is one upon x square and root 3 x square

love this morning and this from Kollam to take ABC show checking ABC to outside from this is Kollam Kollam so ABC ABC Upon A is

110 and 111 property if any any two any two rows or columns two rows or columns are identical I didn't in a the value of Definite value of Chintamani become so we have column 1 and

column and so is equal to abc 1111 column 1 and column 0 is equal to this system and his value so we have to prove that the value is equal to thank you


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