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Which one of the following is ...

Which one of the following is not a contradiction? `[~ p^^(pvv~ q)]^^q` b. `(~ p^^q)^^p` c. `[(p (vec)q)(vec) p]^^~ p` d. `(~ q (vec) ~ p)harr(p (vec) q)`


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NTSE portion in the day which one of the following is not a contradiction to find from the option which one is following is not a contradiction OK I will write the value of PNB ok the value of P and Q will be the value of P will be that is it true or false false and true and false now the negation of P and Q redmi stores and Prove the nation of you believe that the opposite of you that will be false true false now in the first to find that it be for navigation of you will find for that is a negation of

q and q means or are means that if any one of true from the store to the function will be ok to miss both of also this person was too and it single one is true that will be ok now to find the and for this function and of p for these functions will find that is navigation of P and on occasion of this and with this function means Falls through means if anyone is false your so this function will be false false false false false true

false means pearls and both are to Thalassery ok finder and with you function that means nation of p p e r nation of cube and you ok sure to find and with it you so dysfunction and cube and will be me if anyone is possible for you falls to will be false false false false false false false false means alot to all your posts made this is this is a contradiction function ok so this contradiction function that means the first option is not or not the right option for the top portion because your to find which one is not contradict this contribution to this not for skit knowledge call for second one second one that is hand writing a letter

s b b is the location of P and Q will be means if anyone is positive and false Malaysia to spores and for second that is false false false false to will be this will be ok now will find the order the be so all with fees speech about false and first now the resultant will be for this response to will be that that is and Science false false false false false false false false false means is a contradiction functions is also

not the right answer for the question now we find that it implies kyon and employees and with navigation of P ok show the meaning of this implies time ok we can adjust P implies Q as that is negative aur ok and employees p and this function will be at age and nation of P can you can simply now webelement this this implies to for removing of their sin you can write that is navigation of negation of P negation of P I will find this

will find an edition of part2 it will be for you and you ok now year of these will be and full navigation for you opposite of this will be false who was send ok now it won't be that is location navigation of PR cube with for this will be happy so the value of P that it is it true or false will be easier to false will be a true true true true false false false and false false will be false ok now Bilaspur find and with navigation of

P and p and end with negation of integration of false false true ok now for this will that is true or false will be here was because it is and Science false true false between for 24 hours will be was sent to forcibly this also contradiction Lokesh me is also not the right answer for the question ok so that means that means all the three of them in a b c a raha hun 4000 is correct answer thank you