Which of the following, when simplified, reduces to unity? (log)_(10)5dot(log)_(10)20+((log)_(10)2)^2 . (c) -(log)_5(log)_3sqrt(5sqrt(9)) 1/6(log)_((sqrt(3))/2)((64)/(27))



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Updated On: 27-6-2021

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Text Solution

` log_(10) 5 * log_(10) 20+(log_(10) 2)^(2)` `(2 log 2+log 3)/(log 48 - log 4)` ` - log_(5) log_(3) sqrtroot(5)9``1/6 log_(sqrt3//2)(64/27)`

Answer :
Solution :
(1) ` log_(10)(10/2) * log_(10)(10xx2)+(log_(10)2)^(2)`<br> ` = (1-log_(10)2)(1+log_(10)2)+(log_(10)2)^(2)=1` <br> (2) `(log2^(2)xx3)/(log(48//4)) = 1` <br> (3) ` -log_(5)log_(3)9^(1//10)=- log_(5)log_(3)3^(1//5)` <br> ` = - log_(5)(1//5)=1` <br> (4) ` 1/4 log_(sqrt3/2)(64/27) = 1/6 log_(sqrt3/2)(sqrt3/2)^(-6)=- 1`



00:00 - 00:59question is which of the following when simplified reduces to infinity means 24 of sincere effort to find which of the following it is to work ok swachhata fast after which is based on is log 5 base 10 tort law 2010 clock clock to Western Hospital in cm lock 10 / to distant total ok X to Western class talk to Western square for SB no ok bye females talk - lock and lock
01:00 - 01:59a b means a plus ok so here it is it is 10 to 1 Android lock 10 base 10 - block to Mr X block 10 distance class lock to Western plus Stella stop now to Western ko square or not understand is equal to 11 - lock to base 10 X 1 + lock to Western plus lock to Westin Pushkar stop it is app Management Technology which is a square is equal to 1 minus block to disturb square
02:00 - 02:59+ lock to Western Oscar so simple it is to well as we cancel the answer is one of our first option is correct so a second option is to lock to plus lock 3 / lock 48 - lock for simply isn't a formula that we can write S block to square this very well as power plus lock pattern lock 48 - 4 = to lock 284 plus lottery MI 48238 dialogue 48 - 4 - 48 / for which is equals to
03:00 - 03:59block 12 20/5 log 12 so a second after is also protect its both of them turns to romantic doctor which is minus lock 5 lock to Tanda fifth root of 93 ok for this weekend at block 5 block B 5 block B 3 and disturb we can write a test 9 to the power 1 by x minus of lock is 55330 power
04:00 - 04:592 X 1 by 5 into 12 equal to minus of block B 3 England is cancelled 1 + 2 - of Lok 1 by 5 block Christmas tree with this value will be close to Vol 2 - of Lok 1 by 5 + 5 is equal to 1 by 5 power minus 1 equals to 5 + 5 = 21 is also correct it and it was too it should I go for a fourth of which is 1 by 6 lock root under tree
05:00 - 05:59vector space and 64127 pizza photo ok which is we can write 1 by 6 block phase 3 b o topper time table tennis 3 by 2 whole to the power minus 6 is completed it is 1 by 6 x minus 6 block B doctor B is when will be one so it is 1 by section 2 - 6 - this is not Unity Sohar of forest na Karen so chances of survival of Toronto and often thank you

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