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Which of the following, when s...

Which of the following, when simplified, reduces to unity? (a) `(log)_(10)5dot(log)_(10)20+((log)_(10)2)^2` (b) `(2log 2+ log 3)/(log 48-log 4)` . (c) `-(log)_5(log)_3sqrt(5sqrt(9))` (d) `1/6(log)_((sqrt(3))/2)((64)/(27))`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : a)`log_10^5*log_10^2+(log_10^2)^2`<br> `log_10 10/2 log_10^(10.2)+...`<br> `(1-log2)(1+log2)+(log2)^2`<br> `1-(log2)^2+(log2)^2=1`<br> b)`(2log2+log3)/(log48-log4)=(log4+log2)/(log48-log4)`<br> `(log4*3)/(log(48/4)=log12/log12=1`<br> c)`-log_5 log_3 (9^(1/5))^(1/2)`<br> `-log_5 log_3 3^(2/(5*2))`<br> `-log_5 (1/5)`<br> `-log_5 (5)^(-1)`<br> `-(-1)=1`<br> d)`1/6log_(sqrt3/2)^(64/27)`<br> `-1/6log_(sqrt3/2)(27/64)`<br> `-1/6log_(sqrt3/2)(sqrt3/2)^6`<br> `-1/6*6=-1`.


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special feature which of the following and simplified uses to Unity amazing option option 2 option is log to the base 10 x log 20 to the base 10 plus log Tu ka 24 x ka whole square x into x square minus that is 1 - 2 X log 10 plus lock to that is oneplus log to Mai + log 2 ka whole square A minus b into a + b square

minus b square ka whole square plus lock 2 ka whole square chalo ko Jaenge hamare pass aaega option Loafer log 2 + 2 log 2 + log 3 upon low 48 - 54 Tu to keep our Upar Se Legi Tu Jaega log square that is a + log 3 upon log 48 - 4 aur ab Jab log Mein + Y2 number X Jaate Hain aur manager number divided Jaate Hain sahi ho jaega log into three

48/4 log 12 upon log 12 that is equals to 1 unit is a record used to be on option option is minus time log to the base 5 log to the base 3 root over 9 to the power fit root iska kya likha hua hai yah likha hua hai usko yahan se Dekhenge yah likha hua hai - X log to the base 5 log to the base 39 raised to the power 1 by 5 raise to the power 1 by 2 3 5 3 3 upon

5 into two that is into log 3 ki power power Jayegi aur 365 minus x of minus one that is equal to one so CB Hamara you do so she is also reducing to unity of India bol raha hai option is 16 log to the base root 3 by 2 1 by 6 log to the base root 3 by 2 64 upon 2764 upon 27th main minus minus x 6 log root 3 by 2 27 upon

6406 of log root 3 by 2 root 3 by 2 is the power 6 into 6 equal to -1 release ho raha hai answer answer answer