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Which of the following stateme...

Which of the following statements is false ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`-20-(-5)=-15``|-18|gt|-13|``23+(-31)=8`Greatest negative integer is -1

Answer :


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hello in this question we are given with 4 different options and we have to find which option is false so we are given 1 2 3 and 4 these are the four different options given to us and let us start with the very first option given to us latest negative 20 - negative 5 = true negative 15 we have to simplify the left hand side first of all this simplified the left hand side 20 and 30 is 20 - negative 5 when we subtract two negative integers the basically have to do

a minus negative be these two negative signs when a negative sign is outside the bracket it just change the sign of the internal and it gets changed into normal Sin A minus minus b minus negative we can be written as a + b so hence this thing we can write a negative 20 + 5 and if you can simplify this thing one number is negative the other number is positive when one number is positive and second negative we have to subtract but and the sign

the sign would be number with larger face value number with larger face value overhead 20 and 520 has larger face value but it has a negative sign that were not financer between negative and 20 - 520 - 58 b15 show naked 15 that means our first option is true and it can't be 8 answers for this question now look at the option number 2 number be it says the actual function of negative 18 is greater than absolute function of negative

whenever we have episode functions and any number is written over there so we can get only the positive value of that function and that number if it is a negative number inside it still we get positive value and hence if we simplify the absolute function the modulus of negative 18 would be positivity greater than and the absolute value of 13 2013 it gives only positive value so hence weekend this thing is saying 18 is greater than 13 that mean it is also true and will write absolute function game positive

Virat negative a value still we get a value and a value that also a this is the property of the absolute value 5 answers 5 only and negative 55 state that means option number to is also true and hence it can't be our answer it is also true that just look at the office number 3 it says 23 + negative 31 gives us 8 so

23 + negative 31 gives us it will simplify this thing if we are adding two integers and one is positive one is negative basically have to subtract these two adding one positive and one negative integer results in subtraction and

will be of larger face value will always be of the larger face value in any case 23 - 31 31 has a larger face value so fine answer will be negative and simplify 23 and 31 WhatsApp cracked server carry forward and 11 11 - 38 cricket negative 8 as the answer but the question is it is positive 8 and we are getting as negative 8 that means

this statement third statement is false that is what we have to calculate this is false and this could be our answer but still we have to check the option number 4 that says greatest negative integer is negative one first of all we need to understand what are integers integers are whole numbers all numbers with positive sign or negative sign and even zero is included in it ok

so if you draw a number 900 on the right hand side view of 123 is a positive integers in negative integer that start from negative negative to negative 34 in the karyon so we can clearly see negative one is the number negative number which is on the extreme right hand side all other negative numbers on the left hand side so negative one is the greatest negative integer and even the fourth statement is true

so our final answer would be option number 3

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