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Which of the following statements are correct? Write a correct form of each of the incorrect statements. (i) asub{a , b , c} (ii) {a} in {a , b , c} (iii) a in {{a}, b}



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59according to done question we have to find which statement which of these statements are true ok that is correct and we have to write the correct form of the east of the incorrect statement so now this symbol and this symbol ok letters tell what exactly there they are you ok if I say so basically this is a symbol of substrate so this symbol is generally used for referring one said to set if I suppose this is a set a ok having some element ok and b is also a set having some elements so if latest say that this is having ab element ok and it is having a be ok if I say that
01:00 - 01:59a is a subset of B that means the set a is containing all the elements of the ok so so basically this symbol is used to set ok and if I say a belongs to capital is that means I am referring an element of a set to to the set that is if I saying that a belongs to a debt means that small a is an element that is contained in set a OK so this is the difference for using these symbols so the first statement given to assess a basically it is an element ok so element a is a subset of subset of a set a
02:00 - 02:59comedy commerce ok so this is a set in this is an element ok so basically for an element we use belongs to symbol so here it is here that means we must include so this is an incorrect form ok in order to correct this home we must include hair curly bracket so that this will be this will become a set so this is the correct phone ok so here I have put it curly brackets that it can be treated as set ok now considered that this set is basically the subset of different ok this is the correct form now in second option as statement given to assess the
03:00 - 03:59set the dis set is belong belongs to a coma coma ok so basically this belongs to symbol is used with the elements here this is a set in this is also a set so this is an incorrect home ok in order to correct this we must include this set element in this set so this is the correct form will be set this set belongs to so here we will introduce another set with into a set that is the district as element so here we have we have introduced this this set as admin so this will be a
04:00 - 04:59so this will be a coma coma this is the correct phone now according to the third statement the third statement is stating their element a belongs to set so so basically as you can see that here the belongs to is is used to is used here ok so this is an element that belongs to decide so we should this season as you can see that this element is not present this is not present in this set ok you can see that this cannot be considered as an element because this is a another state that is introduced into a set ok
05:00 - 05:59so we can write this this is an incorrect form correct form will this will be the correct ok so here I am introduce this element in this set ok so this is a correct this complete solution

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