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Which of the following ratio...

Which of the following rational numbers are positive: (i)(-8)/7 (ii) 9/8



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Updated On: 5-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello friends the question is which of the following rational numbers are positive ok first one is minus 7 by 7 S is -9 by 8 ok so we know that rational number is what is rational number and irrational number what is rational number is a number visit in the form of p by q where Q is not equal to zero is the numerator and denominator ok no the condition that any rational number is positive for positive number for positive rational number there are two condition what is a condition first is both P and Q B positive both P and Q be positive and second one is second one is both P and Q is negative both
01:00 - 01:59P and Q is negative ok Bhojpuri and q is negative with both P and Q is negative Boss P and Q is negative this is negative now our first Mercedes -87 first part is minus 8 by 7 first part is -8 upon 7 ok dear 20 - 8 and the value of US what is the value of Q the value of Q edge 7 year only fees negative condition is satisfied so this is not positive this is negative rational number is negative rational number ok second question is what is a s question 9 b s what is S what is 9
02:00 - 02:59hornet second parties 9 by 8 year the value of 20 9 the value of Q is it both P and Q is positive both P and Q is positive so which condition is satisfied for the first condition is satisfied so this is your number so this is this is positive positive rational number ok thank you

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