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Which of the following quantities vary inversely as each other? The number of x men hired to construct a will and the time y takes to finish the job. The length x of a journey by bus and price y of the ticket Journey (x km) undertaken by a car and the patrol (y litres) consumed by it.



Hello Google start the question which of the following quantities vary with each other the number of X-men fire to construct a wall and time why take to finish the job of a journey by bus and Y of the ticket journey 1 km undertaken by a car in the petrol while it is consumed by a need to tell which is very Industry Industry means if two quantities if they are very interesting that means it is like this directly proportional to 1 upon why it is decreasing then why will increase the number of Fire
man to construct a wall and the time it takes to then why is the time time taken to finish the job in case the number of men are increasing then the time taken to finish the job will decrease that means act is directly proportional to the two parties are wearing in Basti wearing inversely
second question is that length of the journey that is X is the length of journey length of journey ticket price ticket price is increasing directly proportional to directly proportional directly proportional to 1 km undertaken by a car km
length of the journey length of journey and this is directly proportional to why this is directly proportional the first one is the answer because in industry


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