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Trigonometric Functions


Which of the following number(...

Which of the following number(s) is/are rational? (a)`sin15^0` (b) `cos15^0` (c)`sin15^0cos15^0` (d) `sin15^0cos75^0`


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this question we have to find that which of the following options is a b c and d are or is a rational first of all consider option in that is sin 15 degree and angle of 45 degree minus 30 degree and we know that this formula is Sin A minus b which is sin a cos b minus cos a cos b so using all the values we will get this as root 3 minus 1 by 2 root 2 and this is a irrational number now option B is cos 15 degree which is a quest to cause of 45 degree minus 30 degree and the Silver equals to cos 45 cos 30 + sin 45 sin 30 substituting all the values we will get root 3 + 1 by 2 root 2 this value is also irrational number now option C sign for

sorry sin 15 degree into cos 15 degree equals to 1 by 2 into sin 30 degree because we know that 2 Sin A cos a sin to its we get sin 30 degree and sin 30 degrees 1 by 2 so we get 1 by 4 and we know that 1 by 4 is a rational number so one of the option that is a rational number now consider option De Vich sin 15 degree into cos 75 degree so this will be equals to sin 15 degree into now we know that cos 75 can be written as cos 90 - 50 and cos 90 minus theta sin theta so we get sin 15 degree and disadv equals to sin square A 15 degree now we know that sin 15 degrees value so this will be equals to root 3 minus 1 by 2 root 2

whole square and still come out to be 1 by 2 into 1 minus root 3 by 2 and due to this route 33 this is also an additional quantity so in all only option is traditional quantity