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Which of the following is true ?


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The correct Answer is D


hello everyone let's start this question this question is which of the following is true option is sign of 765 degree = -1 to option because of -15 pi by 4 is equal to -1 and options is 10 of 13 pi by 3 is equal to 1 upon root 3 and option d is kosik of -14 10 degree that is 1410 degree minus 1410 degree equals to let's look at the first option that is sign of 765 75765 can be written as p60 plus 360 plus 45° no sign of 350 plus this considering this is theta sin 360 + theta is equal to sin theta that is sign of 360 degree + theta
again 360 + theta it would be equal to sin 45 which is 1 upon root 2 to definitely this can't be true let's look at the cause of -15 pi by 4 one thing we should know that cause of minus theta = cos theta so we just need to find the value of cos of 15 pi by 4 so that is what we need to find now this can be evaluated as cause of 15 pipe plus pipe minus 5 by 4 by 4 by the study and subtracting parbatpur equal to cos of this becomes 16 by 4 that is 45 -
4 is equal to cos just expand this in terms of Cos of a cause of a minus b can do that we can use just simply the formula between 14 gets reduced cost of a manager that is cause of 45 x Cos of Pi by 4 + sign of four pipe X China X 40 don't need to consider this because it into something won't matter and that is equal to cos 45 cos 45 1 Cos pi by 4 minus 1 by root 2 the final answer is 1 by root given that it should we should definitely this is also as 110 of 13.3 this can be written as 10 of 12 by 3 + 5 by 3 which is equal to 10
food pipe + 5 by 3 so just we can do that same thing over which we did with 360 Plus is printed functions are basically period with period 25 is multiple of two so we can just enough that and this can be done instead of Pi by 3 which is equal to 10 of 60° root 3 + cosec of so first we should find sin Sin of let's find - 1410 degree that is equal to minus of sine and cosine of minus theta is minus sin theta 1410 degree is equal to minus of sin 142 basically what we need to do is write it as this can be
minus 30 degree M pi by 6 bed that lets look at that so 14 10 + 30 is equal to 14 40 degree which is equal to 8.2 just doing that and this becomes this and this final = - of sin knowledge right sign of 85 - 56 into multiple of two 58529 just that and finally this is sin minus 5 by 6 which is again sign of 5 and 6 which is now this is have so sign of -14 10 degrees so reciprocal of it that is cost of
- 1410 degree should be equal to


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