Which of the following is the least? sin 3      (b)  sin 2        (c) sin 1            (d) sin 7


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are question is which of the following is building time to we will take sign to me and we can write it as sin by minus 5 minus 3 x minus theta sin theta = 2 Sin A minus 3 Y is equals to 3.14 then we have a minus 3 is equal to sin 0.14 now time to is equal to time by minus 5 minus 2 Sin A minus 2
now science 3.14 minus 2 is equals to sin 1.14 now time 7 is equal to find tokai plus 7 - 2y = 2 Sin A minus 2 by because we know that 9 to 5 + 3 sin theta = 2 Sin 0.72 now 1.14 greater than 1 greater than 0.7 to greater than 0.1 employees
1.14 greater than sign greater than 0.7 to greater than sign 0.14 because as 01.1 411 0.72 and 1.14 line the first quadrant in we know that find function increases in the first country we have this now this is equal to time 1.14 is equal to time to greater than sign funny greater than 7 greater than sign so we have seen it is
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