Which of the following is the least? (a) sin 3      (b)  sin 2        (c) sin 1            (d) sin 7


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hello everyone so let's start the question and the question says which of the following is least the values assigned 39 to find one and Science 7 the values given after sign Aam Radiant the first of all wap to convert this Radian to degree as we know in order to convert the radiant value to degree use formula mentioned here are X 180 / then we get the degree find so what's the full let's convert all the value that is 321 and 7 in degree so if you use this for m to find out the given values to degree then we get 3 ingredient if we convert these two degree then we get 170 1.96
chicken part 2 in degree 114 114.6 4 degree we convert 1 Degree MP Gad 57.3 3 in degree then if we convert 7 in degree then we get 2017 in degree so if you put any find out the values of all these degree angle use of all this degree then we get 9393 that is equal to sin 170 1.96 in week at 0.139 92091
aur point 64 in degree the values of the value of this value is 0.90 89 while sin 150 7.3 degree angle of 30 degree is 0.84 1697 is sin 2019 27 degree celsius is is 0.6 5922 among these four we can easily identify that is value is least therefore we can say among the four values given in the question the list value is a sin
this is our answer thank you

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